10+ Latest Gold Jewellery Designs by Navrathan Jewellers

Gold jewellery is timeless. You never need a reason to buy a set of jewellery sparkling with splendid designs; it always finds its way to fit in every occasion. Whether it is a festival, a wedding, or a casual, fun-filled evening, gold adds sparkle to your special as well as ordinary days.

A prevalent saying is that gold jewelleries are a woman’s best friend. This proverb has become a part of popular media because women love wearing and buying jewellery. But the query is- why do women love jewellery and, significantly, gold jewellery so much? Note that this isn’t a recent phenomenon. Women have loved wearing jewellery since times immemorial.

Over time, designs have transformed, and instead of plain gold jewellery, there are now necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more with gems and other metals embedded in the gold. These designs have further created a boom in the fashion jewellery market and drawn more women.

It’s 2022, and if you are not wearing trendy necklaces, elegant earrings, and fashionable rings followed by trendy designs then you are surely missing something.

Take on to the modern gold jewellery designs and be fabulously stylish with Navrathan.

Latest Gold Jewellery Designs by Navrathan Jewellers  

Indian jewellery has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial, generations by generation; gold jewellery is considered an expression to express blessings. Navrathan jewelers mix the concept of culture with today’s trends and make the best out of it.

Here are some of the latest trendy, traditional, yet fashionable gold jewellery designs

1. Adorned gold haar for your beautiful neck

Adorned gold Haar is incontestably crucial and has a lot of cultural and sentimental importance in functions like weddings. It is considered one of the vital ornaments of a bride; on her big day, she expects nothing but the finest gold haar, as she wants to feel like the queen! There is a tradition in India from ancient times in which a mother/ mother-in-law passes her Haar to her daughter on its wedding day. Today, we are focusing on this stunning and rare Adorned gold Haar. A piece that will force you to buy a Haar for yourself or your loved ones.

Adorned Gold Haar-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

2. Dress up yourself with simple yet beautiful gold chains  

Gold is considered one of the oldest and most treasured metals globally. It is proven to have healing qualities; as per the reports, the pure, 24-carat gold had the power to create positive vibrations that would relax the body and its vessels, heal the body, and increase blood flow.

Gold chains are considered ideal for all age groups as it is unique and has a tonic impact; these simple yet beautiful gold chains at Navrathan are the perfect way to be in style and keep the merits of wearing gold daily.

Shinning Gold Chain-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

3. Beautiful peacock design with a studded gold necklace to enhance your style-

According to Indian tradition, the peacock design is considered a sign of purity that bestows the bride’s power, will, and wisdom as she begins her new life journey. The newlyweds are also decked with a peacock design necklace to protect her from the evil eye and negative energies. But most importantly, it represents unity. Peacock design jewellery embedded with pretty gems and beads adds to the piece’s beauty. It perfectly fits a wedding season and a simple celebration at your home.

Beautiful Peacock Designed Gold Necklace-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

4. Thread of pearls to join lives – Gold Mangalsutra   

When we invest in jewellery for a fashion statement, there is one ornament that Indian women wear as a symbol of their sacred & pure bond with their husbands. Yes, we are talking about the mangalsutra. The mangalsutra designs have changed over time, but their religious importance has remained unchanged. At Navrathan, we combine pieces and develop each plan that suits your tastes but holds on to the importance of the bond with a cultural mix. Every mangalsutra in navrathan jewellers design uniquely to make your relationship strong and deeper with each other.

Majestic Gold Mangalsutra-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

5. Beautiful Studded choker- an everyday choice

The choker necklace has a long and notable history. We can wear Chokers in numerous styles and purposes. Since its inner sense, how it has been worn — close-fitting on the neck – has remained the same. Chokers nowadays are made up of various designs, textures, materials, and colors. Chokers include heavy chains, metal, stripes, gems, and pearls. Chokers are always trending, especially in the gold jewellery department. Below is a piece that adds the flavor of fashion to everyday wear.

Beautiful Studded Choker Set-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

6. Flower motif stone necklace- jewellery for good vibes

Motif stones design jewellery has a unique brilliance that no other jewellery has! Motif stones are a mainstay of Indian jewellery, and no outfit is complete without them. Here are some of the most excellent items you may choose from, ranging from traditional hefty flower motif stone designs to lighter pieces for everyday use.

Flower Motif Stone Necklace Set-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

7. Elegant Mayura necklace-The great Indian tradition

The Mayura necklaces are one of the essential components of jewellery. It signifies a range of emotions, social rank, significance, and familial ties, and most importantly, it ties us with the Indian culture. The Mayura necklace below is a unique one tipped with an elegant stone.

8. The mystery of the fantastic antique jewellery

The world is drooling over the unique and antique jewellery worn by the remarkable brides, and if you wish to be a bride who radiates a vintage mood, Then it is your time to invest in these magnificent antique pieces. Antique jewellery mixed with celebrations results in lots of excitement and happiness. In classic immortality, antique jewels are best narrated as brilliant, everlasting, and royal. Antique jewellery has taken a stand-in bride transformation in the fashion industry from the previous few years. One of the best ways to work around a perfect bridal look is to contemplate. The article below is a combination of antique jewellery with temple jewellery. Antique temple jewellery is the most picked-out and liked article for brides.

Mangomala Haar-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

 9. Divine Lakshmi Gold Bangles – The Great Indian Tradition

Bangles have unique importance that no other jewellery can match until now! Bangles are a centerpiece of Indian jewellery, and no outfit is complete in their absence. And if you get a bangle that goes well with your outfit and adds a spiritual value, then nothing can match that joy. Have you ever given a thought to what it is about them that makes every Indian lady, married or not, want to wear them? Here are some of the prettiest items you may choose from, ranging from traditional hefty gold bangles to lighter pieces for everyday use.

Divine Lakshmi Gold Bangles-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

10. Classy Lakshmi Necklace Design – Temple Jewellery   

Temple Jewellery Lakshmi Necklace design is a type of ethnic jewellery initially constructed of gold with various precious stones; when designed with a piece of gold, it becomes an extraordinary piece with a mix of Lakshmi’s presence. They create a unique touch of cheerfulness and make an unmarked traditional look to your beauty, and it is an intricate piece of jewellery with the presence of Lakshmi’s blessing. So if you are a bride-to-be or a newlywed and are looking for ways to show off your culture, then Lakshmi necklace design is the way to go.

Lakshmi Gold Necklace Set-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

11. Pendant Necklace to look more beautiful

Navrathan’s elegant designer pieces and pendant sets can reanalyze your sense of fashion and make you look more astonishing; with its unique style and shapes. The perfect pair of elegant gold earrings with a pendant can become the best complement to your everyday look. It is a beautiful yet straightforward approach that adds to your beauty. Our pendants are perfect pieces that will suit your outfits. So what are you waiting for? Grab the purest quality stylish, classic, simple, and party wear pendant set online delivered to your door. Our beautiful pendant set presence.

Ravishing Hanging Pearl Pendant Set-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

12. Stunning earrings to illuminate the skin and accentuate your look

Gold is a color that never goes out of trend. A pair of traditional yet fashionable gold jewellery is all you need to express your wardrobe, whether it is for an ethenic day or at work. If you are unsure which earrings to wear for a particular occasion, here are some of the most trending gold earring designs to assist you at Navrathan.

Adorable Gold Earrings-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

13. Timeless Gold Ring- elegance with perfection

The ring symbolizes a range of emotions, significance, and responsibilities. They also play a vital part during many occasions like wedding seasons. Rings bring together relationships, connect the souls and make way for new families to come together. The piece above is unique. It has an Infinity sign hidden behind the ring’s surface, symbolizing a forever bond.

Timeless Gold Ring-Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

14. The majestic look of the gold bracelet- a perfect choice for every look

If you are fond of wearing gold jewellery every day, this gold bracelet can be a perfect choice. A simple bracelet that can add charm to your entire look. Bracelets come in different fashions that never go out of fashion. At Navrathan, we have a remarkable bracelet design with different outfits and styles. The below-mentioned bracelet is a perfect match for your needs. It will also look beautiful with traditional companies that don’t need bangles.

A final talk on the latest gold Jewellery design

Navrathan jewellery is becoming exceedingly popular amongst brides because of its opulence factor; we combine cultural and spiritual with trendy design, add color to your ornaments, and embody astrological balance for good luck. A gold Navratna necklace can make you feel and look like a royal.

“Navrathan jewellery is perfect for you if you go for the look of tradition with a modern twist.”

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