10 Tips On How To Buy An Antique Engagement Ring Ft Navrathan Antique Ring

Few Things You Should Consider Before Buying Antique Jewellery Engagement Rings  

Everyone’s heart has a soft spot for rings. A call is a way of bringing people together via their emotions. Every ring has a fascinating backstory. And if it’s an antique ring, the backstory must be attractive.

Wearing a call with history and something so lovely about a pre-loved ring rarely found in a fresh new rock is fashionable.

They have a distinct personality and individuality that most modern rings lack. However, you should know a few facts before purchasing antique rings online. And now for some advice on how to find the perfect antique ring.

Why Is Antique Jewellery Famous?  

Antique and vintage jewellery is one-of-a-kind. Many people are drawn to them because they have unique and beautiful stories. And they’re more than just beautiful heirloom pieces made with love. There are numerous advantages to seeking out vintage and antique jewellery.

Investing in antique jewellery is worthwhile, and it will always make you feel special. If your jewellery collection doesn’t include any antique or vintage pieces, you’re missing out.

So, we’re here today to give you some tips on how you should choose antique and vintage jewellery. We hope you find a reason to purchase antique and vintage jewellery.

10 Tips To Know For Buying An Antique Engagement Ring  

 1. Fine Antique Jewellery Vs. Costume Jewellery

Many of the antique jewellery online pieces you see are jewellery costumes. Costume jewellery may be made of gold-plated silver (or brass) instead of actual gold, and non-precious gemstones or crystals may be used in place of valuable stones. Costume rings are much less expensive than fine antique rings, so you’re probably not if you think you’re getting a great deal.

2. Shop at Reputable Stores

Most cities have a few good antique jewellery stores and auctioneers, and there are a few good online sites with good reputations. Purchasing from a reputable jewellers makes a difference in ring selection and ensures that you receive trustworthy assistance and advice. Why not give us a try if you want to buy genuine antique jewellery? Since 1954, we have been dealing in antiques.

3. Know About Diamonds

Before you go shopping, do some research on antique engagement rings, especially if you want to buy antique diamond rings. If you’re searching for an antique diamond ring or jewellery, remember the four Cs before shopping. Color, clarity, carat, and cut are the four Cs. Diamonds on antique engagement rings aren’t always of the highest quality, but they are appealing. To maximize the fire and scintillation produced by the diamond, make sure it has a good cut and symmetry. Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes, and many of them feature an old mine or a similar cut type of diamond.

 4. Get the Right Report

The diamond, or any other valuable gemstone, must have a gemological report. You will learn what you are purchasing from the information. If your diamond does not have an account, seek advice from a reputable specialist who can provide you with an honest assessment.

5. Refine Your Choice by Identifying Some Styles or Stones

Slightly narrowing your search will help you find what you’re looking for while not becoming overwhelmed. Examine antique rings online from various eras to see if a particular design appeals to you. You could also decide that you want an emerald, ruby, garnet, or sapphire gemstone and narrow your search from there.

6. Brush Up on Your History

The vintage engagement ring buyers understand what they are getting into before focusing on a specific piece. Sometimes a shopper has a sentimental attachment to a period, which influences how they shop for rings. However, they must consider their lifestyle and how frequently and when they intend to wear the ring before proceeding.

7. Go for the Gold

When shopping for a vintage ring, metal is an entirely different story, with platinum being the most sought-after material. “In its natural state, it is the whitest metal, and it is extremely durable.” However, gold and, to a lesser extent, silver are making a considerable comeback despite being softer. Silver-topped gold is found in Georgian and Victorian jewellery.

8. Find a Perfect Fit

With a few exceptions, Shoppers can usually resize any vintage engagement ring in the store. We would not resize an eternity band with diamonds because we would not want to jeopardize the setting. Another intricate ring to resize? Calls with enamel work; if you resize it, you may need to restore the enamel.

9. Make a Budget

We can provide an engagement ring at any price point—as expensive as the budget allows. However, vintage does not always imply low cost. Prices can range from low to high, and you can undoubtedly come across an antique ring that appears inexpensive to the layperson but are extremely expensive. While a diamond centre stone can contribute to the price, it can go costly if the budget is not fixed for historical pieces.

10. Avoid Common Mistakes

The most common mistake is purchasing a modern ring from a specific era rather than a genuine antique ring. We also recommend double-checking the settings of the stones, especially emeralds, which are more brittle than diamonds and can become loose in the ring. It’s also a good idea to avoid using pearls or opals for engagement rings because, as beautiful as they are, they won’t withstand everyday wear and tear.


After reading these fantastic tips, you’re ready to buy an antique ring. Leviathan Jewellers specializes in antique jewellery. Since 1954, Navrathan Jewellers has quietly delighted Bangalore’s connoisseurs with stunning designs, intricate craftsmanship, and ancient techniques.

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