10 tips to shine with office wear jewellery

What’s your take on office wear jewellery? Have you ever experimented with them and it’s gone wrong? Wondering what is the best way to accessorize your office outfit without looking out of place or disturbing the office environment? A woman always aspires to dress in the most fashionable and up-to-date manner possible and with the right office wear fashion jewellery tips, she will bling like a queen. Dressing for work, on the other hand, becomes a difficult undertaking when it comes to fashion and style. Maintaining business etiquette is crucial, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your personal style.

This is an important factor for most working women today. Office wear jewellery is one of the most fun fashion statements to make. With the right office wear fashion jewellery tips, you can shine bright like diamond necklaces. Let’s explore the simple yet elegant office jewellery at Navrathan that can add a little spark at your workplace.

Time to outshine at your workplace with office wear jewellery  

Most women have always considered pearl and diamond chains and necklaces to be the best way to complement formal attire. However, there is a selection of additional exquisite office wear jewellery designs that most people fail to watch out for. We’ve hand-picked the best fashion jewellery with necklaces and chains and everything else glimmering, that will look well with your formal attire. Since accessorizing for the office can be tricky, here are some low-profile, trendy jewellery that you can look out for. However, we present to you some of the most elegant pieces that can be styled perfectly well with both Indian formals and western formals.

Top 10 perfect office wear fashion jewellery pieces that you missed!  

Simple stud earrings to cuff you on to fashion  

Diamonds are always a charmer when it comes to gemstones. They are simple and yet shine bright enough to stand out in a crowd. The piece above is a stunner. It is in the shape of a heart and perfectly goes with the jewellery trends. The piece is subtle yet charming. It can also be an amazing gift to your partner on their first day in their workplace.

Heart diamond office wear earrings

Dazzling danglers earrings  

If stud earrings are not your style don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Dangling earrings are the one type of jewellery that everyone enjoys styling. They suit perfectly well with their daily outfits, whether traditional or western. The piece above is the perfect example of that. It is a rose gold earring set that starts with diamond solitaires and with pretty and playful danglers. It’s a piece that speaks your confidence and kindness.

Ace of heart office wear gold earrings

Simple and elegant pendant necklaces  

Pendants are an epic choice for office wear but pick the wrong one and it would bling that you don’t need. The pendant piece above is a simple spark of colour that you can add to your office wear. It is subtle and adds the little magic to your favourite office outfit. It is also a piece that gives an approachable vibe to any newcomers that you may come across.

Timeless pendant office wear jewellery

Mesmerizing sets jewellery that sets the bar high  

One other thing that will perfectly suit office wear jewellery is sets. Earring and pendant sets can be a beautiful display of your Indian roots and at the same time a subtle touch of shine. The office jewellery set displayed above is the right example of this. You can pair them up with office saree day or the perfect suit look. They are refined, tasteful, and flawless for an office outfit.

Mesmerizing Diamond Pendant office jewellery

Rose Gold Diamond Rings and the magic they do  

Rose gold is one of the most trended 21st-century jewellery. They are subtle and the perfect mixture of gold with other elements. Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. They don’t stand out like gold but subtly blend in with your ensemble. With the diamonds on top, they make it sparkle and peak all levels of elegance you are looking at.

Dainty diamond Pendant Office Jewellery

A subtle add of colour in rings for the best fashion jewellery to wear  

As much as playing safe with diamond and pearl jewellery is good for formal occasions, adding a few shades to your jewellery can add a little more playfulness to your outfit. Playing with colours with your jewellery is an added shade of beauty. The piece displayed above is one of the pieces that you can use with its unique shade that can suit your office ensemble. The subtle yellow with the combination of white gold is good for all office jewellery outfits.

Elegant diamond ring jewellery tips

The perfect tip is this breathtaking bracelet  

Bracelets with a slew of miniature tinkling bells detract from the office’s serious working atmosphere and cause chaos. However, you should not understate your appearance and should choose basic bracelets without a jabbered style to give some glitz to your ensemble. Simple diamond and gold with their simple designs, will give you an instant high-profile appeal. The piece displayed above is one of the best examples from the Navrathan Apsara Collection.

Exotic Diamond Kada office jewellery

The playfulness of ruby and diamond bracelet  

Wearing jewellery is not just about looking good or working on your looks, they are minimalistic pieces that add to your personality. Wearing jewellery defines the kind of person you are and the person you put forward at your workplace. A simple bracelet like the one displayed above can add just the right amount of you to your outfit. The little pieces of rubies are the touch of beauty that can be used to exhibit your cheerfulness at the workplace.

Royal ruby diamond kada Office Gold Jewellery

The right Bangle to set the way straight  

Bangles are a glorious part of the great Indian culture, making them a part of a women’s attire takes them back to the tradition and the roots where they come from. When it comes to a professional office setup, wearing too many bangles or bangles that tingle can be quite disturbing. If you want to stick to your traditional roots and still look formal at your workplace, you can pick out single bangle pieces like the one displayed above. They suit your office look and also stick to your traditional roots.

The right Bangle office wear jewellery

Nine stones and the lead to a glorious look  

Navratana jewellery is known to have religious significance and spiritual power amongst all the gemstones in the history of jewellery. In Navratna Jewelry nine auspicious stones are being used in a single ornament. There is a strong belief behind this in that the nine stones together will ensure the well-being of the person who wears it. In India, Navratna jewelry has been given major importance because of its astrological significance as well as its innate charm. The nine stones used in the jewelry are diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, gamet, topaz, and cat’s eye. As it is believed in astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offers power to the wearer. A subtle piece like the above not only assures a good element to your office wear but also adds to your luck and positive vibes. It is one of the best things to carry with you on a day with a meeting or presentation so that you have all the stars aligned with you.

Nine gem rings gold earrings for office wear

This is not the end  

Just like there is no end to your office work and hours, these are just snippets of the collection. Whatever item of office wear jewellery you choose, bear in mind that it should not be a distraction to yourself or others. As a result, avoid wearing jewellery that makes noises or gets trapped in your hair or clothing. Choose jewellery that is both unique and trendy, as well as comfy and hassle-free. As far as office wear jewellery goes, jingly bracelets and stacked necklaces are not ideal. Instead, go for easy-to-wear, low-maintenance office wear jewellery like slim bracelets and stud earrings.Make a statement and establish your distinct individuality with your dress choices both inside and outside the office. Have people compliment you on your charismatic choices and regard you as the office’s most fashionable woman. Make everyone feel special when they’re around you; your fashion statement and enticing smart jewellery can entice others to emulate your look.

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