11 Modern Jewellery Design For Today's Women

Modern jewellery is now the most popular jewellery that today’s women love. One of the most prominent reasons to love this contemporary jewellery is that they have super unique and trendy designs and women love to match this jewellery with their outfits. Modern jewellery can go with your daily wear outfits as well as with traditional outfits.

Modern jewellery designs are perfect for today’s women. It is an innovative range of trendy, contemporary pieces which has been designed with simplicity in mind. And one must have these modern jewellery designs in their jewellery collection. You can use this beautiful jewellery as office wear jewellery, daily wear jewellery, or festive and occasion jewellery.

Navrathan Jewellers has always been at the forefront of designing and creating contemporary and modern jewellery, making it one of the best-known names. If you love to wear the latest fashion jewellery, then this article is for you! This blog post will showcase 11 modern designs by Navrathan Jewellers, perfect for today’s woman on the go!

Explore the Most Popular 11 Modern Jewellery Design For Today’s Women    

Navrathan Jewellers has brought a collection of 11 Modern Jewellery Designs for Women by combining different types of gemstones and metals like rose gold, diamonds, and more to create stylish pieces.

Adorable Diamond Ear Studs – The Most Loved Modern Jewellery for Women    

A diamond ear stud is always a good choice for everyday wear. Wear this rose gold and diamond-studded cute little earring at the office or parties with equal ease. It is simply the perfect jewellery for women which goes with any kind of outfit. It is ideal for any casual outfit like the gown, skirt-top, jeans-top, saree, and more. A women’s jewellery wardrobe is always incomplete without diamond stud earrings. Some women do not like to take them off as they’re so good. They are an everyday classic you can wear for the rest of your life, so you want to pick the perfect pair.

Diamond Ear Studs - The Most Loved Modern Jewellery Design for Women

Delightful Diamond Ring – A Jewellery That Everyone Adores    

Who does not love diamond rings? Diamond is known as the most beautiful stone among all the jewels. Diamond rings are a symbol of love and commitment. This is why diamond rings have been used for celebrations, ceremonies and engagements. You may also wear it with everything on your finger. Anyone with a diamond ring on their finger looks gorgeous. You can also gift a diamond ring to your partner, and it would be the best and precious gift for them. And nowadays, Diamond rings have become the first choice of many women. Diamonds uniquely reflect light and make any woman look beautiful, no matter what their skin colour is. Buy a diamond ring for your someone special from the best sellers of diamond jewellery.

Delightful Diamond Ring - Latest Diamond Ring Jewellery DesignDelightful Diamond Ring - Latest Diamond Ring Jewellery Design

Designer Diamond Bangles – Beauty of Rose Gold Jewellery    

Just as a necklace steals all the attention, similarly, a married woman also looks incomplete without a Bangles. Jewellery trends may come and go; the classic rose gold bangles and Kadas never go out of style. This kind of modern jewellery is the love of many women and girls. They love to wear it with their office wear or at a function or event.

Designer Diamond Bangles - Modern Rose Gold Jewellery Designs

Fascinating Drop Earrings – Modern Jewellery That Always Complements    

Earrings are a great piece of jewellery and are a woman’s best friend. They can transform your mediocre outfit into an appealing party-wear. A perfect pair of silver Diamond and Rose Gold Earrings can enhance your hairstyle, face and complete the overall look, flexibility to style for slightly dressy days or glam up for a night party. We always suggest you buy drop earrings online, as they are all-rounders. You can opt for minimalistic, lightweight designs perfect for day outs, office parties, and weekend fun with friends, family, or your loved one. Drop earrings give you many designs to choose from; therefore, there is something for everyone.

Fascinating Drop Earrings - Modern Jewellery Latest and Trendy Earring Design

Modern Jewellery Gold Rings Design – Your Best Daily Wear Partner    

A stylish golden ring completes and adds more beauty and style to your appearance. It presents an opportunity to be innovative and creative so that someone can wear many combinations of these rings with all their outfits. Experiment with these yellow gold rings with various dresses and accessories to get a different and unique look as you dress in with them. Embrace beauty, style, and fashion with a stylish plain ring. Use it as your beautiful engagement ring and mark the day as a golden memory. Unveil the hidden fashion pro from inside and try out different, creative and unique looks with the eye-catching piece of jewellery. This ring will make someone fall in love with it, so don’t hold back and buy it now.

Modern Jewellery Gold Rings Design - Latest gold jewellery ring design

Dramatic Diamond and Rose Gold Chain – That Makes Fashion Statement    

This alluring Diamond and Rose Gold Chain Necklace will bring elegance around your neck. As diamond chain necklaces are such adaptable and glamorous accessories, they can be an ideal gift for anybody special in your life. Diamond jewellery is timeless fashion with many designs, and every girl wants to have one. This kind of necklace is a perfect everyday necklace.

Diamond and Rose Gold Chain - Latest Fashion Jewellery Designs

Alluring Box Chain Gold Bracelet – Unique Modern Jewellery Design    

Have you heard about a box chain bracelet? Well, if you haven’t heard of this type of jewellery, now is an excellent time to get familiarised with one of the most evolving chain styles in modern jewellery designs. There are many types of box chain Bracelets, like the heart of a box chain, double box chain, mirror box chain, standard box chain and a rounded box chain. You can wear this type of jewellery with any outfit, be it casual or on occasions. These are the trendy bracelets for women gold. Try them all only from Navrathan jewellery store, the best diamond and gold jewellers in Bangalore, India.

Alluring Box Chain Gold Bracelet - Unique Modern Jewellery Design

Magnificient Diamond MaangTikka Embedded With Diamonds and Emerald – To Give A Lavish Look    

Maangtikka is an exquisite piece of jewellery that is worn on the hairs of women. This is one of the modern jewellery designs that gives a beautiful look to the woman who wears this. It is a jewellery piece that can instantly make or break your look is what you wear on your head. This is also known as Matha Patti. A Maang Tikka is a simple thread or a string with a pendant that rests on the temple of a woman’s face. A few things that will help you determine the right pick from Maang Tikka and Matha Patti are your features, the shape of the face and the size of your forehead. Maangtikka is one of the modern jewellery that is mainly worn in marriages.

Magnificient Diamond MaangTikka Embedded With Diamonds and Emerald

Royal Mayura Gold Necklace – Modern Wedding Jewellery Collection     

Royal Mayura Gold Necklace is one of the most delicate modern gold jewellery designs made with gold. This beautiful necklace comes from a modern wedding jewellery collection. You can wear this royal gold necklace jewellery on any occasion like marriage, baby shower, etc. This kind of gold jewellery is perfect for women of any age. Adorn this beautiful gold necklace which is enhanced with elegant craftsmanship to embellish your charisma. Best go with sarees at the party or occasion to dignify your vision. We also have a wide range of beautiful modern bridal jewellery collections. Explore them all. Also, go for beautiful gold necklaces for women.

Royal Mayura Gold Necklace - Modern Wedding Jewellery Collection

Ravishing Diamond Necklaces For Women – Wear The Elegance   

If you are wondering for a piece of jewellery that will make you feel unique and treasured, then look no further than this gorgeous diamond necklace set. This delightful diamond necklace comes with matching earrings that are also diamond-studded. Diamonds have become widespread, with small stones on pendants and delicate bangles. Women are wearing diamonds every day nowadays. Casual or daily wear diamond sets are a great way to show off your style staples.

On the other hand, party wear diamonds are heavier sets to add some flavour. You can wear a single diamond piece – earrings, a chunky ring or a classic necklace to draw attention and make a statement in style. Many brides in India have reduced all the heavy jewellery and only wear a single diamond set that enhances the beauty of the bride without going overboard with too many pieces. Visit our site to explore more modern jewellery diamond necklace designs.

Diamond Necklaces For Women - Best Diamond Jewellery Designs

Rose Gold Bracelets For Women – A Range of Delicate Modern Gold Jewellery Items  

A rose gold bracelet is a beautiful and traditional way to wear jewellery. It gives the wearer an aura of elegance, glamour and sophistication. A pinkish hue with a soft sheen rose gold is an incredibly feminine colour that complements many skin tones. The bracelet fits snugly on the wrist and can be worn to a party or a business meeting with pride. A rose gold bracelet is a staple accessory that every woman should own. Bold, exciting jewellery is what Navrathan Jewellers are all about! We have created some modern designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

Rose gold jewellery has been on the rise nowadays. Therefore you might be interested in wearing your favourite jewellery pieces and styling them. In addition, the rose gold bracelets are easy to team up with your everyday outfits and looks very attractive when paired with night outlooks. Many ladies like to mix and match their bracelets with a watch or in combination with other bracelets.

Rose Gold Bracelets For Women - A Range of Delicate Modern Gold Jewellery Items


Navrathan Jewellers are proud to offer 11 modern jewellery designs for today’s women that will make them feel confident and glamorous! Each design is available in gold, diamond or rose gold.

So what are you waiting for? These are various jewellery and other collections that are available at Navrathan Jewellers. We collect and creates jewellery that best suits our customers. We are constantly working towards excellence and quality as fine as possible. The jewellery you buy with love is made with care and nurtured throughout the processes for the best results.

Navrathan Jewellers: Bringing Classic Modern And Contemporary Designs To Life Navrathan Jewellers is a leading jewellery brand in India. We are committed to serving you the latest fashion trends and designs with every season. If you’ve been searching for contemporary women’s jewellery online, look no further because our store has it all!

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