18 Antique Jewellery Designs - Embrace The Royal Look

Our interest in jewellery can be traced back to the Indus Valley culture, which mostly is quite significant. India definitely is a vast old country that has seen innumerable empires really come and fall, and with them, countless cultures and traditions, which kind of is quite significant. We definitely have a beautiful history of pretty extraordinary craftsmanship, dating back to a time when our incredible craftspeople collaborated to specifically create what literally is arguably the world’s most sought-after jewellery collection in a subtle way. Despite the fact that technology and machinery basically have mostly replaced handcraft, a fairly few artisans have really survived to definitely pass on our important jewellery-making legacy and expertise to future generations. Antique jewellery designs literally are today’s regal relics of our illustrious past, basically contrary to popular belief.

If you ask any die-hard south Indian what the greatest jewellery trend in 2021 is, they’ll most particularly likely specifically say basically antique jewellery or temple jewellery with an for all intents and purposes, antique finish. For a bride, Regardless of whether she inherited her jewellery from her naani, daadi, or a mother’s jewellery box, bridal jewellery will always kind of be timeless and royal, especially if you generally enjoy vintage jewellery designs as basically much as we do, or so they thought.

Here, for the most part, is a basic long list of kinds of Antique jewellery that Navrathan offers. Whether you literally are a bride to definitely be or a basically antique jewellery collector, it’s time to, for the most part, read our blog and pick particularly your favourites for the sort of next really the best occasion, or so they basically thought. You actually know there actually is nothing like Traditional pretty Antique Jewellery, fairly contrary to popular belief.

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A Peep into the Gorgeous World of Antique Jewellery Designs  

Antique jewellery is typically large and broad in size since each piece conveys a tale and is related to ancient times. Furthermore, each piece’s gold weight is on the upper side in order for it to appear grand. This antique-looking jewellery, made of 22K gold, is more expensive than regular jewellery due to the meticulous craftsmanship and greater manufacturing costs. Typically, antique jewellery refers to items that have been passed down through the generations. Today, however, jewellers create entirely new pieces of jewellery with antique finishes based on historic, traditional designs. This antique finish jewellery is quite popular among ladies all over the world since it provides the wearer with a refined and traditional look.

Antique gold jewellery is all the rage this season! If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve recently highlighted some incredible South Indian-style antiques. This is primarily owing to the fact that it is really popular this year, and women can’t seem to get enough of it.

Antique Jewellery for Wedding  

Gold is an evergreen metal that has been popular since the dawn of civilization. Gold necklaces and other jewellery were worn by kings and queens in the past. Gold is a sign of royalty, grace, and aristocracy. As a result, antique necklaces were made entirely of gold, and the craftsmanship was exceptional. These antique gold necklaces can make you look like an ethereal beauty at weddings or any other momentous occasion.

Royal earrings with precious gems  

Antique jewellery is most appealing when it is kept simple; keep this in mind while pairing long antique chandeliers and antique gold hangings with floor-length gowns or overflowing gowns with a plain neckline, as well as bridal gowns. Antique Earrings connect the entire ensemble together, complementing other trinkets and the dress.

Royal earrings with precious gems - Antique Gold Earrings

Gold Antique Chocker  

Brides can go all out with their wedding jewellery in their favourite style and be certain of the glitz and splendour. Antique chokers come in a variety of shapes and designs, from simple and elegant to dazzling Antique design chokers. Brides today are experimenting with their styles and choosing Antique chokers that allow them to show off their necklines and collar bones.

Gold Antique Chocker - Antique Jewellery Designs

Antique Kada – The Beauty Of Antique Jewellery Designs  

The kadas are another bridal statement piece that should not be overlooked when creating an antique style. Every choice is a fantastic complement to any Indian attire, from a stack of simple antique kadas to adding enormous, bold temple jewellery design kadas. Hand accessories are great conversation starters and attract a lot of attention. From plain simple designs to milgrain, or classic screw kadas to pacheli style, every antique jewellery design is nothing short of magnificent in all its splendour when made in ancient gold. Neutral tones go nicely with any outfit, although those studded with diamonds can be finely detailed to match the other bridal jewels.

Antique Gold Bangles - Antique Kada - Antique Jewellery Designs

Gold Overlay Pieces of Antique Rings  

Rings are the finishing touches to the bridal outfit, and they should ideally match both the earrings and neckpiece, as well as the kadas. Their addition to the bridal look instantly elevates the overall elegance of the ensemble.

Antique Gold Ring - Antique Gold Jewellery Designs - Antique Temple Jewellery

Antique Kundan Jewellery for Memorable Occasions  

For weddings and generally other customary occasions, Kundan kind of is a highly popular and vital piece of jewellery in gold designs, generally contrary to popular belief. It’s a type of Rajasthani jewellery from the past, or so they essentially thought. Kundan jewellery really is made up of, for all intents and purposes, precious stones in green, maroon, or red, as well as gold diamonds in a big way. Antique Kundan gold jewellery completes a woman’s bridal look, which is fairly significant. Making ancient Kundan jewellery necessitates a kind of pretty great deal of effort and skill, which is fairly significant.

Antique Gold Temple Jewellery  

Temple jewellery style antique gold jewellery definitely is the really the newest and most recent addition to very antique jewellery designs, and these definitely divine jewellery pieces definitely are astoundingly lovely in a basically major way. Bangles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and basically other temple-inspired gold jewellery specifically are being worn by the public. They, for all intents and purposes, have images of Gods definitely such as Lord Krishna, Goddesses sort of such as Lakshmi and Devi, and so on, which literally is quite significant. They’re meticulously created to actually give every woman a Goddess-like appearance.

Antique Temple Jewellery Set - Antique Temple Necklace set - Lakshmi Gold Necklace Set

Women’s Antique Ruby Gemstone Necklace Set  

Ruby stones, for the most part, have been utilized extensively in the creation of antique jewellery, contrary to popular belief. Years ago, jewellery was produced with a lot of valuable stones in green and basically red to particularly give it a timeless feel in a subtle way. Necklaces and jhumka sets made of rubies and gold that have an ancient aspect can mostly be ideal for a traditional bridal look in a subtle way. Because antique necklaces, for the most part, are weighty, they particularly have a wonderful fall on the neck and, for the most part, look actually great when worn with traditional attire in a subtle way.

Antique Briday Necklace Set - Antique Gold Jewellery Designs

Jhumkas in gold, as per traditions and Gemstones  

When it comes to females, jhumkas are one of the most stunning and attractive pieces of, for all intents and purposes, ancient jewellery in a sort of big way. These, for the most part, are the pieces of jewellery that can literally be worn alone, with no, for all intents and purposes, other accessories in a really big way. Gold jhumkas with work, stones, designs, and other embellishments are ideal for a classic yet kind of ancient style, which is quite significant. Jhumkas, for all intents and purposes, is a must-have item in any jewellery collection, and they will never definitely go out of style. You’ll look like a goddess if you pair it with any ethnic attire. Antique jhumkas set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and actually other valuable stones mostly are also popular, or so they particularly thought.

Antique Gold Jhumka - Lakshmi Gold Jhumka - Temple Jhumka

Women’s Antique Gold Coin Necklace, A symbol of Royalty  

Necklaces made of coins, also known as “kaasumaala”: Kaasu, which kind of means coins or money, and Maala, which means chain or necklace, kind of have long been used in antique jewellery in a major way. According to Hindu scriptures, goddesses wore this jewellery. Small round coins with the image of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) on the front definitely are combined neatly to form a necklace or a long chain in these really antique coin necklaces in a for all intents and purposes big way. These basically antique coin chains literally look well with traditional dance performances, traditional clothing, and festive attire, among other things, which really is fairly significant.

Antique Traditional Gold Lakshim Haaram - long Gold Necklace

Pearl and Antique Gold Jewellery, A range of collections where modern designs meet antique designing  

Pearls specifically look stunning on any lady, regardless of skin tone, age, or actually other factors. Antique pearl jewellery with diamonds as stones and a gold foundation is emblematic of monarchy, grandeur, class, and beauty, which literally is fairly significant. These magnificent and heavy-worked pearls and diamond jewellery sets, for all intents and purposes, have been a part of queens” and princesses’ jewellery collections since ancient times, and for all intents and purposes, are actually royal heirloom and lineage in a subtle way. Wearing generally ancient jewellery with these priceless items is proof of one’s royal ancestry.

Antique gold necklace with pearls - Antique Gold Jewellery Designs

Indian Antique Gold Bangles, unique way to shine  

Bangles specifically are the most important and exquisite pieces of hand jewellery. When it basically comes to jewellery, bangles actually are the most important. Antique golden bangles are kind of weighty and one-of-a-kind in appearance in a major way. The elaborate pattern work, the sort of costly stonework, and the usage of pure gold in the bangle prove that it is worthy of being categorized as a basically antique valuable bangle in a very major way. In Hindu marriages, giving basically antique bangles to the bride-to-be generally is a very important custom, which is quite significant.

Indian Traditional Antique Gold Bangles - Antique gold jewellery designs

Antique Diamond Ring, artifacts to add to your collection  

Victorian-style very antique diamond rings with distinctive specifically cut diamonds seem pretty bright and queenly, which is quite significant. Rings, for the most part, have long been used to kind of express feelings through hand gestures, which really is fairly significant. Wearing these for all intents and purposes, antique diamond rings might enhance one’s actually overall personality.

Antique Waist Chains, qualities that your outfit deserves  

The waist chains, also known as kamarbandh, are one of the most popular fashion trends in a subtle way. Waist chains of gold, silver, and heavy metals kind of are widely worn by women, which generally is quite significant. The beauty of antique waist chains is that they literally look fantastic on a woman, or so they particularly thought. They feature a lovely finish with hangings, stones, layers, and kinds of other embellishments for a sort of unique feel and appearance in a particularly big way. The finest way to, for the most part, wear a fairly antique waist chain specifically is with traditional clothing.

Antique Gold Kamarbandh - Antique Gold Bridal Set

Some additional pieces that can add magnificent beauty to your look  

In a subtle way, waist chains, also known as kamarbandhs, kind of are one of the most popular fashion trends, contrary to popular belief. Women commonly actually wear waist chains made of gold, silver, and heavy metals, which definitely is highly significant, contrary to popular belief. Antique waist chains, for all intents and purposes, are beautiful because they genuinely essentially look amazing on a woman, or so they essentially thought. They kind of have a gorgeous actually finish with hangings, stones, layers, and kind of other embellishments for a very distinctive kind of feel and literally look in a subtle way. The best method to basically wear a pretty ancient waist chain actually is with a traditional attire for the most part, definitely contrary to popular belief.


Imagine the vivid colours of ruby and the stunning colours of peacock caught brilliantly in a choker, and who could actually say no to this antique jewellery choker, which is fairly significant. With the gleam, brightness, and brilliance of gold, rubies, and peacock designs and colours on the necklace, they actually appear to essentially be fashioned in heaven, which is fairly significant.

Antique Ruby Gold Temple Necklace - Antique Jewellery Designs


Meenakari really is the gorgeous jewellery that particularly was originally worn by the very royal damsels of Rajasthan and was adopted in India by Raja Man Singh of Mewar. Meenakari jewellery manufacturing actually is one of the most sophisticated and elaborate procedures utilized in jewellery manufacture, having been brought to India by Persians, which is quite significant. The name “Meenakari” basically comes from the Persian word Minoo, which generally means “heavenly azure colours.” Before being finished, Meenakari jewellery definitely passes through the hands of seven different artisans, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant.

Meenakari - Antique Temple Necklace - Antique Jewellery Designs


Kundankari jewellery first particularly appeared in the palaces of Rajasthan and Gujarat in the nineteenth century. Later, this style of jewellery basically flourished in the Mughal courts, contrary to popular belief. Kundankari is one of the most sacred arts of all time, fairly incorporating the regal splendour of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and particularly other precious stones and glass pieces in a kind of metal base. Ghaat, padh, khudai, and pakai literally are the laborious processes that Kundan jewellery goes through. In the beginning, a fairly metal framework specifically is built upon which wax basically is poured, which literally is fairly significant. The gleaming stones and glass pieces that are skilfully fastened and bonded together by basically thin gold foils generally are the most significant aspect of Kundankari.

Chaand Bali - Antique Royal Gold Kundan Jhumka

Long Chains  

In actually antique jewellery, sort of long chains really is highly popular in a kind of major way. They can essentially be made entirely of gold, with definitely large temple patterns as pendants and representations of Goddesses and Gods in a major way. They can also essentially be embellished with diamonds, Kundan work, and Polki work for a fairly more ancient look, or so they thought. They can mostly be used with nice handloom clothing too, for all intents and purposes, draw attention to actually antique jewellery, which particularly is quite significant.


The for all intents and purposes Mughal period kind of saw the development of the Jadau method, which eventually flourished in Bikaner and Jaipur alongside Kundan jewellery in a subtle way. Jadau is comparable to Kundan in many aspects, and it actually is similarly made in stages, or so they generally thought. Jadau employs the Meenakari process to enamel the reverse side of the jewellery after the stones are embedded on the particular metal foundation. Jadau, for the most part, is a kind of feminine and graceful dress that really is usually expensive, yet it continues to enchant Indian brides in a subtle way.


Polki jewellery is crafted with gold foil that, for the most part, is painted with uncut diamonds to actually create a magnificent reflection of light, or so they for all intents and purposes, though. Because it essentially is kind of more sort of expensive than Kundan jewellery, this form of bridal jewellery contains, for all intents and purposes, more gold and diamonds, making it sort of heavier to wear, which basically is quite significant.

Polki Long Necklace - Antique Gold Long Necklace Designs

Antique jewellery designs are actually unique and actually stand out from the crowd, making them extremely desirable and valuable in a subtle way. Antique jewellery particularly is unquestionably pricey, but the way it transforms for all intents and purposes your appearance with grace, charm, and beauty actually is unrivalled, which particularly is quite significant. Antique jewellery definitely is a must-have in any jewellery wardrobe, as it mostly is pretty ideal for weddings, special occasions, festivals, and so on in a fairly big way.

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