5 Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Gold - Gold Buying Guide

Investment is an easy way to keep your wealth and money safe. Thinking to investing money in various assets, Gold always tops the list.

Gold jewellery has gone through many variations with respect to its design, color, texture and quality but not the number of people adoring it. Gold is gaining many more jewellery lovers towards it by grabbing all their attention from other metals.  

Colorful Availability   

From the ancient period, Gold was popular for its natural beauty and radiance. Yellow gold jewellery is the classic of all times wherein mixing with other metals resulting in white, black and rose gold are presently in trend.

The inclusion of white metals such as silver or palladium creates the white gold. Rose gold is created through alloying pure gold with copper while the major unusual colors such as blue and purple are obtained by adding different oxides on the alloy’s surface. The rarest black gold derives its color from cobalt oxide.

Color availability

Buying Gold Jewellery  

Gold has been the most favorite metal over generations now, both as an investment or as a fashion accessory.  Gold jewellery addition to the collection of the jewellery in every women wardrobe makes it more elegant. Whether be it a simple pooja, birthday event, anniversary celebration party,  engagement or a grand wedding, irrespective of the occasion, gold adds a special charm to your entire look and make people looking at you go wow!

Buying gold jewellery

While purchasing such an adorable thing, it is very important to keep a few things in mind and know some detailed information so you don’t have to regret about anything relating to it post purchase.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Gold   

1.Purity of the Metal  

The very first and foremost thing to keep in mind during the purchase of any gold jewellery is to check the purity of the gold which the piece of jewellery you are carving is made of.

The ultimate way to find it out in single aspect is the “Hallmarking”. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the official agency which certifies and hallmarks gold jewellery in India. So whenever you are out to buy gold jewellery always look for the BIS-Hallmark certified gold from jewellery brands in Bangalore and all other places around.

Purity of Metal

2.Cross-check the Carat   

Carats play an important role in determining the purity of gold. Gold and jewellery pieces made of gold are available in different carats in all the jewelers in Bangalore and outside.

The cartage is generally identified by the letter “K” on jewellery. They usually come in 24kt, 22k, 18kt, 14kt, etc. Any gold jewellery piece of 24kt is considered to be 99.9% pure, 22kt gold jewellery contains 91.6% purity of metal and so on. As goes down the carat’s number so does the amount of gold and its purity in it.

3.The Pricing Policy  

The price of this precious metal-gold, changes everyday depending on the demand in the market. Generally, the price of any jewellery piece is determined by considering the type of metal used, purity of the metal and labor charges involved in making the particular piece of jewellery.

Keeping all this in mind, make sure to cross-check the prices of different jewelers and buy only from reputed and trusted jewelers in Bangalore and anywhere else in the country.

The Pricing Policy

4.Negotiate the Making Charges  

This is a simple and tricky step in the entire process of buying a jewellery piece but can save your valuable money. It is a very well-known fact that the reputed jewellery brands and any jewelers in Bangalore and outside, never agree to reduce a single penny on the price of the jewellery piece. But make sure to at least negotiate on the amount of making charges being applied on the piece of jewellery you are ready to invest in for a lifetime.

5.Clarity on Color  

Gold jewellery is naturally yellowish in color. But when this metal is mixed with any other metal it results in a variety of colors. As compared to other available colors of gold, the jewellery lovers demand is high for the pure yellow metal gold jewellery in Bangalore and mostly in all other places too.

Always make sure to have a clear cut clarity about the color of the metal and the jewellery piece you chose to buy and add it to your jewellery collection.

Clarity on Color


Gold jewellery has always been the costliest and safest form of investment.

Generally, every Indian home will definitely have a set of gold jewellery pieces which their money is invested in. So before making such a huge decision on buying such precious metal out of your earned money, always make sure to cross-check all the above mentioned major points.

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