A Big-Fat-Indian wedding is something that everyone admires. An Indian wedding is unique in that everything about it has a special meaning, and the festivities celebration extend for days. Over the top, the spotlight of marriage is the bride. A wedding is one of the best occasions for a woman to embrace her femininity and showcase her beauty. Without traditional jewellery, an Indian bridal look is never complete.

You might have heard about Solah Sringar, which means 16 Hindu bridal ornamentations. This is a set of jewellery that symbolizes the 16 looks of a Hindu bride. This 16 Hindu bridal jewellery is essential for a Hindu bride in a traditional Hindu wedding.

However, the millennial bride today will not necessarily wear all 16 pieces and will not keep to these traditions. They will dress according to their comforts but undoubtedly complete their appearance with the correct ornaments either handed down from their ancestors or purchased from their favourite jewellery shop.

Well, today, we are here with 6 essential pieces of jewellery by Navrathan Jewellers for every Hindu bride. Let’s look into it.


6 Jewellery Essentials For Every Hindu Bride  

1. Nath or Nose ring is perfect wedding jewellery for brides  

Although nose rings have steadily gained popularity in the fashion industry, they are an essential part of a Hindu bride’s trousseau. In Hinduism, the nose ring or nath is an epigram to the Goddess of Marriage, Parvati. A Nath is a sort of nose ring worn in the left nose and lights up the overall bridal look. Your bride accessories list must include nath or nose ring. Even a clip-on nose rings just as attractive and is the ideal choice if your nose is not pierced. There are even lighter in weight.

2. Maang Tikka the popular bridal jewellery and accessories  

A bride’s Mangtikka is a must-have piece of Indian wedding hair jewellery for every bride. Maang Tikka is a popular jewellery for hair. This hair jewellry for brides is worn on the bride’s hairline and features a drop pendant that lies in the center of her forehead, where the sixth chakra is located. According to Hindu mythology, this beautiful jewellery for hair, the maang tikka, represents the third eye, or, to put it another way, the power of the soul. On a spiritual, physical, and emotional level, it is also the center of preservation, symbolizing the divine union of the man and woman. This beautiful jewelry is now available in a number of forms and is worn by ladies all over the world, not only Indian brides. Try on the best wedding jewellery by the best wedding jewellers in Bangalore.

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3. Necklace they must have Indian wedding accessories jewellery  

We don’t even have to tell you how important a necklace is for a bride. The necklace is must-have jewelry for the bride on the wedding day. Traditionally, these necklaces were made of gold, but now you may choose from a variety of designs that include diamonds, pearls, colored gems, and rubies. It is usually worn above the neckline and is the focal point of a Hindu bride’s outfit. A Hindu bride decorates a Mangalsutra along with the necklace, which means the divine marriage between a male and a female.

4. Bangles or bridal bracelets the royal bridal jewellery  

Ask any bride, and she’ll tell you that bangles or bridal bracelets or Kada are an essential part of any traditional Indian dress. A newlywed Hindu bride is always seen wearing a Chura, which is a set of white and red bangles that symbolizes her marital status. According to Indian culture, a Hindu bride is not supposed to have her arms naked. Need we say more? Bangles have privileged importance in a woman’s heart as well as her wedding outfit. You can have beautiful gold bangles, diamond bangles, antique bangles, and more for the house of the best South Indian Jewellers.

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5. Waist belt/Waistband/Kamarbandh a stunning accessory for your waist  

A waistband, also known as a Kamarbandh, is a golden sparkly chain worn across the waist to emphasize and adorn the feminine curves. It’s a stunning accessory for your waist. This Hindu bride’s essential jewellery is handcrafted with beautiful embellishments and meticulous attention to detail.

6. Earrings  

A pair of earrings is a must-have for every Hindu bride. You can have gorgeous diamond studs, vintage style, and more on the house of top South Indian jewellers in Bangalore. The earrings are a fantastic match for the necklace and complement its design well. The majority of brides prefer heavier earrings, while others prefer lighter pieces for comfort. Remember your bridal wardrobe while choosing your earrings, since diamond jewellery looks best with pastel bridal dresses. Wedding outfits in tones of salmon, light blue, and mint green compliment the luster of diamond and gold jewelry. White gold earrings look great with a red and maroon bridal outfit.

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In the end  

Traditions and culture, of course, differ throughout India between regions. These bridal jewellery lists serve as a guide for Hindu brides when selecting Indian wedding jewellery.

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