Apsara - A Unique Jewellery Collection For Every Women

Jewellery has been a part of our culture for many years. Different types of jewellery have been worn by men and women to fit various circumstances and civilizations. Jewellery culture has been around for a long time. As part of their protective armour, they were composed of shells and bones. Jewellery grew more sophisticated and intricately decorated after the discovery of metallurgy.

Apsara is a wide range of jewellery collections. It has designs that suit modern men’s and women’s tastes. They are perfect pieces for everyday and grand occasions. It ranges from gold to rose gold to pieces with diamonds. Let us look at the incredible collection of Apsara in this blog.

A touch of twinkle for your fingers – Apsaras Rings  

Rings are an elegant part of any outfit. The ring is a symbol of long-term companionship, loyalty, and a binding agreement between two people. The ring’s heritage and meaning are as strong today as they have always been. Let us look at the Apsara collection of rings.

Gold Rings   

Gold is the traditional setting for most jewellery because of its beauty and adaptability. In addition, it is the most malleable of all metals. The most precious combination in jewellery is gold and diamonds. The piece in the picture above represents the beauty and elegance of the variety. A unique piece from the Apsara collection.

Latest Diamond and Gold Ring Designs - New Jewellery Collection

Rose Gold Rings   

Rose gold is a mix of pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper, and silver alloyed together. All gold colours and qualities are based on pure 24-karat yellow gold, although it is too soft to be used in jewellery in its pure state. To make it strong enough to wear, it must be blended or alloyed with other metals. They are some of the most beautiful and popular pieces.

Trendy Rose Gold Ring - Gold Ring Designs

White Gold with Studded Diamond Ring  

White gold is composed of pure gold and white metals, including nickel, silver, and palladium, and is frequently plated with rhodium. The white gold piece with diamonds are as unique as the designs and are one of the most chosen pieces for engagements and wedding.

White Gold Ring with Studded Diamond - Modern Jewellery Designs

Multi Color Stones Rings For Modern Women   

Navrathan’s Apsara ring collection has a variety of rings with different coloured gems, a perfect match to your favourite mono-tone outfits. In the picture is one of the most beautiful and popular pieces from the Apsara collection.

Multi Colour Stone Ring - Heart Shape Gold Ring - Modern jewellery designs

Perfect pendants collections to match your beauty   

Pendants are getting a makeover from all sides, thanks to the modern jewellery trend. Gone are the days when buying gold or diamond pendants meant spending a fortune. Stylish millennials are selecting magnificent pendant sets that meet their budget and style nicely. Apsaras unique pendant collection is perfect for modern-day jewellery designs. We also have a special kids collection.

Latest gold chain pendant designs - Latest gold pendant

The perfect artifact for your neck – necklace sets   

Necklaces bring out an elegant look in all elements of fashion. They are a fun accessory to play with and one of the best pieces to experiment with. There are chockers, there are simple chains, and there are malas. In our collection of apsara necklace collection, we have a beautiful collection of studs, diamonds, and elements of rose gold that bring out elegance. These are pieces that you can accompany with any outfit or any look. From a traditional wedding outfit to a pencil skirt and a top, the necklaces go well with all looks. A must-have piece for every woman out there.

Rose gold and Dimond necklace set designs - Apsara unique jewellery collection

Listen to the beauty call for your ears – Earrings   

Earring has long been seen as a symbol of womanhood and identity among women. Since ancient times, women have been known to wear them. The earlobe is related to social rank and financial security. Without a set of lovely earrings, no ensemble is complete. Apsara’s diamond earrings are the perfect choice to sparkle your everyday looks. Like the piece above, each earring pair is unique and perfectly suits your personality.


Adore Shine of Bangles and bracelets – The Modern Jewellery Collection     

It is customary to wear bangles as a symbol of good health, fortune, and success. For Indian ladies, bangles are more than just accessories. They are, in most cases, an integral component of their identity. At the same time, A bracelet is most commonly associated with the symbolism of a partnership. Friendship bracelets are quite popular, especially among teenagers, because it is thought to seal and secure their friendship. We have always associated jewellery with bonds and so many associates. In our busy lives and routines, holding on to these things is very hard, and with office dress codes and formal events, holding on to these things becomes tough. The bangle and bracelets under Apsara’s designs are perfect for these situations. They hold on to our culture whilst keeping up with our busy routines. It is a piece that you would not want to miss.

Diamond bracelet studded with Ruby and emerald stones - Latest bracelets designs

Jewellery that binds relationships – Mangalasutra  

A mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage that the wife is expected to wear for the rest of her life, symbolizing the husband and wife’s love and dedication to each other. Each part of a mangalasutra has its significance. Our Apsara’s mangalasutra collection perfectly follows every rule to protecting your bond. The best designs and pieces for you from our collection.

Diamond Mangalasutra - Latest Mangalasutra designs

Looking for more options…   

Apsara collection is one of a kind. It is a collection of unique jewellery designs and a variety in the collection. The collection from Apsara is perfect for home wear, office wear, and the perfect company for your favourite occasions. If you are looking for more of the elegant collection of Navrathan’s Apsara, rush to your nearest store now.

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