Buy Latest Gold Jewellery on Dhanteras 2021

As diyas are lit and ritually kept burning all through the night in honour of Lakshmi, delight your look as you purchase new metals of gold and silver articles and bring in an up-and-coming festive vibe.

Dhanteras is an auspicious day for starting any things that must grow progressively. The first day that marks the festival of Diwali is the Dhanteras. It is celebrated on the day of the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu calendar. Performing Lakshmi Puja is extremely important to invite luck and prosperity. Some people do fast on this day, concluding it in the evening after Lakshmi Puja.

The central ideology for this festive shopping is that if you buy wealth-related items on Dhanteras, you will get them back in a much higher amount. Begin the festive cheer by gifting yourself or your loved one a statement jewellery piece that lights up their celebrations.

Gold coins, gold jewellery items including bangles, rings, earrings, and many more are the few suggestions that you can bring gold to your home.

Significance of Buying Gold On Dhanteras  

To start anything new that would grow progressively and bring you prosperity is Dhanteras all about. On such an auspicious day, one of the best things to buy is Gold jewellery or Gold coins which would mark this festive celebration and is the best investment for you to make.

As it is the day where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped, it is said thereby you are inviting good luck into your house if you bring her home in the form of gold and silver ornaments on this day.

Now, as you have to buy jewellery today, how do you choose the perfect jewellery?

Here are some latest gold jewellery pieces for you to buy on this Dhanteras.

Latest Gold Jewellery for Dhanteras  

Lakshmi Murthi – A Holy Deity To House  

As bringing Lakshmi home on Dhanteras is very optimistic, getting her in the form of an idol will be a graceful holy thing to do.

Astha Lakshmi – A group of eight manifestations of Devi Lakshmi beautifully crafted with silver or gold. Lakshmi idols or murthi will bring an elegantly enchanted look to your place of worship.

Lakshmi Murti

Ganesh Murthi – Protection Providing Piece  

Lord Ganesha is historically known to be the remover of obstacles and considered the God of happiness, joy and prosperity. Buying the deity of Ganesha crafted in gold or silver like these on the holy day of Dhanteras will remove all the obstacles causing problems in your house and business and bring great joy and prosperity to it.

Ganesha Idol

Gold Neckpiece With Lakshmi Coins  

Purchase of gold on Dhanteras with Lakshmi engraved on the pieces is bound to bring you luck and prosperity all year long.

This intricate peacock and Lakshmi coins necklace with precious ruby crafted in gold gives you a royal look to wear on any traditional and festive occasion.

Gold neckpiece with lakshmi coins

Embrace Simplicity With Ethnic Antique Neckpiece  

Navrathan Jewellers has a unique collection that brings back the magic of simplicity. Bold and independent women inspire this elegant piece. Trust the humble designer classic and timeless treasure-crafted enchanting Mayura haar piece like this to weave a magical spell with any ethnic wear.

Embrace Simplicity With Ethnic Antique Neckpiece

Magical Majestic Lakshmi Coined Earrings  

Lakshmi brings luck to the people. Purchase of Lakshmi engraved piece of jewellery on Dhanteras will enhance your level of luck as you welcome Lakshmi on this auspicious day.

These Lakshmi coin earrings are handcrafted in gold with a peacock. They are perfect for special occasions like Dhanteras.

Magical Majestic Lakshmi Coined Earrings

Jhumkas – A Perfect Accompaniment  

With dazzling design and intricate pattern, be the showstopper as you adorn this Lakshmi jhumkas on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.

Team up your traditional attire this festive season with the long earrings crafted in gold with precious stones and hanging pearls to give you an adorable look.

Jhumkas - A Perfect Accompaniment

Lakshmi Centralized Rings  

Precious stones on a piece of jewellery always stand out by their shine. A gold jewellery piece with Lakshmi on it and surrounded by precious stones will give a divine look when worn on delightful occasions like Dhanteras.

Invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi with this ring that houses precious stones and gives you a divinity to delegate.

Lakshmi Centralized Rings

Kadas – Homage of Fine Craftsmanship  

The embellished gold kadas are just the perfect timeless pieces for eternal beauties out there. Adorn, this regal bangle accentuates the fusion of Indian and contemporary style surrounded by slender carving from the Navrathan Jewellers festive collection.

Kadas - Homage of Fine Craftsmanship

Glamorous Chain With Ganesha Pendant  

Featuring one-of-a-kind jewellery designs and craftsmanship, our new Ganesha-inspired collection always you to feel spiritually connected always.

Lord Ganesha’s pendant crafted in gold gives a very royal look when worn with a simple and elegant gold chain like this while performing rituals on holy festive days.

Glamorous Chain With Ganesha Pendant

Embrace Layers of Opulence With Stunning Sets  

Going Minimal, replace your heavy jewellery and flaunt with a stunning and straightforward neckpiece and earrings. Stay on top of trends by picking a multi-layer necklace in different colours, which works for traditional and western attire.

Maintaining a delicate balance between intricacy and boldness, this beautiful set of delightful neckwear with a charming pendant and classic earrings is ideal for the Dhanteras festivities.

Embrace Layers of Opulence With Stunning Sets

Celebrate With Lakshmi Kasu  

A perfect delicately crated in gold bangles embedded with Lakshmi coins is all you need to enhance your beauty to make your glamourous presence felt on the occasion of Dhanteras.

Celebrate With Lakshmi Kasu

Temple Jewellery Set – A Touch Of Artistic Pieces  

Artistic and beautifully chic, this peacock pendant and earrings set with exquisite magic of emerald, ruby, and Chakri stones embedded together, is one of the most delicate pieces from the festive collection Navrathan Jewellers.

Temple Jewellery Set_

Stunningly Subtle Earpiece  

Navrathan presents a twist in the classic styling of traditional earrings. These beautiful blue beads drop beauties can effortlessly make any look exceptional with their charming crafted ensemble.

Stunningly Subtle Earpiece

Adorn The Contemporary Design  

Want to strike an edgy contemporary look? Accessorize your six yards with necklace sets. For Dhanteras, make a statement and wear this flawless set which combines the classic elements and folds them seamlessly into the modern design language.

This traditional statement peacock haar is handcrafted with gold with pearls and precious stones jewellery.

Adorn The Contemporary Design

Gorgeous Goddess Lakshmi Pendant  

Ethnic or western, a beautiful statement piece of jewellery will elevate your outfits on a festive day like Dhanteras. Made with an intricate design from skilled artisans, add it to your look for a glam edge.

This divine Goddess Lakshmi pendant features a beautiful composition of floral, goddess, and peacock embellishments, crafted in gold with pearl droplets.

Gorgeous Goddess Lakshmi Pendant

A Modern Twist of Trendy Craft  

It is a piece of a royal and luxurious look with a mesmerizing stone embedded in it. With a flattering look and a stunning look, this blooming floral studded gold ring is all you need for the festivities of Dhanteras to carry off an Indo-Ethnic eye.

A Modern Twist of Trendy Craft

Bold And Beautiful Bangles  

An extraordinary piece of festive jewellery like these traditional gold bangles crafted in gold intricate with goddess Lakshmi with peacock motifs is for someone as unique as you, which gives you a royal look and glams up your look on festive occasions like Dhanteras.

Bold And Beautiful Bangles

Studded Chokers Are The Perfect Fit  

The stylish diamond choker necklace dazzles your look and keeps up with the festive fervour. The exotic pearl choker necklace worn by women on any occasion is bound to take away the viewers’ breath.

Beautifully handcrafted with polki and diamond work, this necklace complimenting with matching earrings is perfect for celebrations and special occasions.

Studded Chokers_


Since jewellery is much more expensive than any of our daily usage things, buying gold coins and jewellery pieces engraved with Lakshmi deity is a widespread traditional ritual.

Navrathan Jewellers – the best jewellery store in Bangalore, has a wide range of gold jewellery pieces for you to choose from and buy on the auspicious day of Dhanteras this year.

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