Adorning Christmas jewellery collection

It’s December and it’s the most beautiful time of the year because it’s Christmas time!!! . Christmas Day is an annual day celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. The most exciting part of Christmas is getting decoration items to decorate the Christmas tree, dishing out meals with family and friends, waiting for Santa Claus and the most exciting one is exchanging gifts with family and friends.

Christmas is right around the corner. Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one’s? Well, let’s just say we got you covered this time, cherish your Christmas with adorning Christmas jewellery gifts for your loved ones from our astonishing collection of Diamond and Gold Christmas jewellery collections, and your loved ones will be overwhelmed with joy and love.

Why not pick something in Diamonds for your loved ones?

Determining what to get for your loved ones this Christmas holiday gifts? It can be a difficult task. If you are that family member who is baffled with what gifts to get your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, to make them feel overwhelmed with joy and make them feel even more special then Navrathan has the phenomenal Gift ideas to make your Christmas markable. Every piece of jewellery from Navrathan Christmas Collection is selected to give them a feeling of warmth and joy.


Here is a list of Christmas jewellery gift guide for your loved one’s shown below.

1. Rose Gold two hearts earring-Christmas Jewellery Gift for your loved ones

What could be more perfect than gifting a pair of earrings for your loved ones this Christmas? Gift her a pair of rose gold heart earrings and ace her heart by gifting her this perfect ace of hearts earrings. These earrings will give her a sense of love, confidence and joy.

There are different types of earrings available to choose from Navrathan jewellery collection on the occasion of Christmas. Explore the latest earring designs and gift your loved one’s the best earrings for Christmas and make them feel special.

Ace of heart- gift for loved ones

2. Dazzling Diamond pendant- Christmas gift for loved ones

This Dazzling pendant is the best Christmas gift for your loved one’s. Dazzle up their smile by gifting them our forever Dazzling Diamond pendant. The best thing about this piece of jewellery is that it can be worn on any occasion with any outfit and you will find it complementing that dazzling smile of theirs.

Jewellery like pendants can be picked without any anxiety, and you will have no difficulty in picking the best pendant for your loved one’s. We have an exclusive collection of diamond and gold jewellery pendants to pick from.

Dazzling Diamond pendan- Christmas accessories

3. Graceful Diamond Bracelet- a graceful ornament for your loved ones

Bracelets are not only gorgeous, but they also give that graceful look to your loved one’s. They are also the perfect Christmas gift. Bracelet is an ideal suggestion for a woman who loves gold and diamonds. It styles well with traditional as well as western apparel.

Get your loved one’s a graceful yet beautiful bracelet for Christmas so she can appreciate it to the maximum. A distinctive bracelet that goes well with all of her attires. Shop for the most graceful, marvellous Gold and Diamond bracelets from the best jewellery shop in Bangalore.

Graceful Diamond Bracelet- Jewellery Gifts

4. Alluring Diamond Ring- The perfect gift for your loved ones captivating beauty

Christmas is all about love and joy and Rings have always been an ever-lasting symbol of love and dedication. It’s a symbol of love for your beloved one, so it’s a great idea to gift your beloved a Diamond Ring and express your love and gratitude towards them.

Diamonds are a sign of enduring infinite love and Diamond Ring is the utmost sign of love. So on Christmas, the day of love and joy is the sheer time to gift your beloved a Diamond ring as a symbol of love and dedication.

Diamonds have always been a woman’s Best Friend, so it would be perfect to gift your beloved one a Diamond Ring. To gift a beautiful and alluring Diamond Ring for your beloved ones, we have stunning Diamond Ring designs varying in price range. So explore our stunning Diamond Ring made by the leading Diamond Jewellers in Bangalore.

Alluring Diamond Ring Jewellery for christmas

5. Magnificient Pearl Choker- a splendid gift of purity

Pearl Necklace is one of the finest Christmas gifts for your loved ones. The exhibits of Pearls are one of the greatest ideas for your beloved one’s as they always symbolize purity like the bond you share with your loved ones and the captivating beauty they have. Pearl Chokers are always adored by many women. Pearls also convey a sign of stability and integrity.

Gift your beloved one a Pearl Choker as a Christmas accessory. We have amazing designs of Pearl Choker for your beloved ones, which is one of the ideal Christmas accessories. It is a Magnificent Pearl Choker designed in gold studded in precious stones. It styles well with an Indo-Western or Traditional attire, making your beloved one endure joy and warmth this Christmas.

Magnificient Pearl Choker- Best Gifts for loved ones

6. Gold Necklace Set – A new set for a new Begging with your loved ones

The Gold Necklace is a perfect Christmas Accessory for your beloved ones because it can be worn with any Traditional, Indo-Western or even Western Outfit. It is one of the loved pieces of jewellery by Indian Women. You can never go wrong while gifting a gold necklace for your loved ones. It is an ideal and one of the most dreamy gifts you can gift your beloved ones.

Gold is a colour of prosperity and amplified beauty. A Gold Necklace is never just a gift, it is more than that. It’s a promise of prosperity in life and to appreciate the abundance of beauty in them. It’s also about what they like and doesn’t. We have stunning Gold Jewellery designs from one of the best jewellers in Bangalore. You can choose the most blissful piece of jewellery as the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. We guarantee you that your family members will be overwhelmed with joy and love.

Gold Necklace Set Jewellery for Christmas

7. Floral Ruby Studded Earrings- A Phenomenal Christmas gift idea for your loved ones to make your Christmas markable

The Floral Ruby Studded Earrings is an exceptional gift idea for your loved ones because they bring out the fire and spark in them, as rubies symbolise passion and love. Rubies are one of the gemstones that are cherished by most women. They are also supposed to have healing power in them.

Get your beloved one this chique yet endearing earrings on the occasion of Christmas so she can be overwhelmed with delight and contentment. A remarkable piece of jewellery that complements all of her attires. Shop for an amazing piece of jewellery from Navrathan Jewellers as the best Christmas gift at a lucrative price.

Floral Ruby Studded Earrings- christmas jewellery

8. A Dainty Bow Pendant- thoughtful secret Santa Christmas gifts for loved ones

Are you looking for a Secret Santa gift for your colleagues, or family or friends? Then we have got you covered with the simple yet elegant Bow Pendant. The Bow Pendant is a representation of classic and feminine, the Dainty Bow Pendant is fine jewellery that never goes out of style. The bow pendant can be styled with any form of attire.

There are a lot of different kinds of Pendants to choose from. You can select from simple to grand Pendants for your loved ones. For this Christmas, it is best to gift these simple Bow Pendants. We have a variety of Pendants like Gold Pendants, Diamond Pendants, Antique Pendants, Temple Design Pendants, Fashion Pendants. Explore the latest Pendant Designs from our store and website and choose the best Pendant for your family, friends and colleagues.

dainty bow pendant-jewellery gift for friends

9. A Sparkling chain- Best Christmas Gift For Her

The Sparkling Chain is the prominent gift idea for Christmas because it can be worn with any Traditional, Indo-Western, Western, Formal clothes. The Sparkling Chain can be worn on any occasion with any attire. This modest Chain is one of the loved pieces of jewellery. Your loved one can wear it daily or for any special occasion. It is an excellent and affectionate gift. The Sparkling Chain is an exemplary gift idea for this Christmas.

You can get a matching earring with the chain from our Christmas Jewellery Collection and get an astonishing look. Buy this jewellery and any other jewellery, from Navrathan Jewellers, the top jewellers in India. We also have beautiful yet elegant jewellery, explore all the jewellery designs now.

Sparkling chain- Christmas Jewellery

10. Stunning Diamond Kada- Be a Santa, send Christmas Gifts to Your Loved Ones

Kadas are one of the most loved Jewellery Accessories, especially a remarkable Diamond Kada that no woman can resist. Kadas are not only loved by Indian women but by women all over the whole world. Be certain to get your loved ones a Kada for this Christmas so that you can show them how much they mean to you.

We have a broad range of Kada designs like Antique Gold Kadas, Temple Kadas, Diamond Kadas and many more. Explore our range of jewellery designs now!

Stunning Diamond Kada-Christmas Jewellery Gifts

11. Dazzling Diamond Necklace Set- Shop a Dazzling necklace for a Dazzling Smile of your loved ones

The best dua (blessings) for your loved ones this Christmas is gifting them a gleaming Diamond Necklace set. It includes a pair of Earrings and a Necklace. A Diamond necklace set is very elegant and always in Fashion Trends. A Diamond Necklace never goes out of fashion. With a Diamond Necklace, you can also gift a Diamond Pendant, a Diamond Ring, and a gift card and make their Christmas spectacular.

We have the latest fashion trends Diamond Jewellery Collection to make this Christmas unforgettable. Explore the latest Diamond Jewellery Designs and shop the best Design from our shopping website.

Dazzling diamond Necklace Set-Jewellery Gift

12. Luminous Diamond Bracelet- Get a Diamond Bracelet gift for your family from our Navrathan shopping website

A Diamond Bracelet can charmingly enhance their look and make them feel content in their own skin. A Diamond Bracelet is one of the delicate and minimalistic personalized fashion ornaments for women. It gives that finisher touch and the absolute look to any outfit.

A Diamond Bracelet is every woman’s favourite piece of fashion accessory, explore a broad collection of fine, simplistic Diamond Bracelets that are designed for contemporary women with excellence and meticulousness from the best jewellers in Bangalore.

Luminous Diamond Bracelet- Jewellery Gift for Friends

13. Sparkle in Love Ring- Get a custom sparkle on your loved ones by gifting them this sparkle in Love Ring

Gift your loved ones this heart-shaped sparkle in Love Ring and build that spark in your loved ones again. Rings are a representation of companionship throughout time. It’s one of the most meaningful and versatile jewellery gift ideas, as they can last a lifetime if cared for. So it’s a perfect idea to gift your loved ones this sparkle in love ring this Christmas as this day is all about joy, love, and warmth.

If you want to gift your family members, friends or colleagues a special Ring for this Christmas, as it is a life-long memorable gift, then we have breathtaking Ring designs at varied costs. So explore them all and gift her the best ring from the leading jewellers design.

Sparkle in love ring christmas accessories

14. Glamorous Diamond Necklace- An amazing gift for the love of your life!

Diamond Necklaces are a classic selection for a Christmas jewellery gift. Buy a Diamond Necklace for the love of your life; this is an enduring option, but also an enduring gift they’ll preserve for a lifetime. It’s even an ideal accessory to go with a Diamond Engagement Ring. A Diamond Necklace gifted to a close friend is dreamy as well. Choose a design based on the Christmas theme, the glamorous Diamond Necklace is something truly unique and personal to make your loved ones feel the happiest woman in the world.

We have the finest diamond jewellery collection to make your Christmas extraordinary. Explore the fashionable jewellery designs and choose the finest. Buy the finest diamond necklace set for your loved ones now!

Glamorous Diamond Necklace- Jewellery for Christmas

15. Diamond studded earrings- The perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Earrings are quite ingenious as Christmas jewellery gifts. Diamond studded earrings for the festive season moreover in classic styles as well which are suited for any day of the year. Diamond earrings for your loved ones is a great idea. Whether gifting for your mother, sister, mother-in-law, better-half, aunt, friend, or colleague an earring set is a dreamy gift.

Explore our Golden Jhumka, golden earrings, gemstone earrings, diamond earrings and many more. You can choose the greatest options from the leading diamond jewellers in India.

Diamond studded earrings jewellery gift

Last but not the least

This Christmas make your loved ones feel joy, warmth, special and loved by gifting them something special from our Navrathan shop or shopping website for your loved ones and making them feel on top of the world on Christmas: the day of joy and warmth. We will help you bring that million-dollar worth smile on that charming face.

Why not give her something she can hang onto!

Navrathan jewellers store consists of resources of Diamonds, Gold and Platinum Jewellery. Be it divided by Diamonds, Jadau or Meenakari, Navrathan strive to keep its uniqueness in each of its pieces. We have breathtaking designs, intricated with craftsmanship and with ancient techniques. Simply walk into our store or look through the website to get an idea of the complete range and variety of jewellery. Every piece of jewellery makes your loved ones feel like a princess.

Navrathan Jewellers is one of the best jewellery stores in Bangalore that provides you with a broad range of Christmas jewellery options for your loved one, family, friends and colleagues, to buy Christmas jewellery gifts online or offline. You can order now. Hurry Up!!!

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