Latest Gold Jewellery design. Carry the Indian traditional gold jewellery with style

Millennial women’s attitudes on jewellery have been distinct from those of previous generations of women. Precious jewellery has long been associated with a variety of concepts, including investment, wealth creation, status, power, beauty enhancement, and luxury.

Millennial men and women, on the other hand, have no such aspirations when it comes to purchasing jewellery. Their best goal is to go with the flow, to be stylish, to be trendy—they don’t see jewellery as a goal, but as a means of self-expression, of discovering one’s individuality, and of just decorating oneself.

Trends do not wait for anyone. It’s almost 2022, and if you’re not wearing striking necklaces, elegant earrings, and attractive rings when you go out, you’ll be left behind in the fashion world. Catch on to the latest gold jewellery designs and be fabulously fashionable with Navrathan.

An assorted set of authentic gold jewellery collection  

Gold jewellery is a guilt-free fashion choice that will last a lifetime. When you buy a pair of elegant gold earrings or a bracelet, it’s a one-time purchase. Gold is resistant to tarnishing and wear. Gold does not tarnish, rust, or lose its allure over time because it is one of the least reactive elements. In fact, purchasing a timeless gold piece is similar to establishing your own legacy. Unlike other tangible fashion decisions, its worth rises steadily over time, turning it into an heirloom in many cases. Here are some of the latest gold jewellery pieces by Navrathan

A traditional gold jewellery design Haar   

Specific components are indisputably vital and have a vast cultural and sentimental importance in elaborate occasions like weddings. One of the essential items is the bride’s jewellery. She deserves nothing but the finest for her special day because she is the queen! Since ancient times, India has had a tradition of passing down or donating a Haar to a daughter on her wedding day. Today, we’re focusing on this stunning and rare Haar. A piece that will inspire you to buy a Haar for yourself or your daughter and love both the necklace and the memories made with it.

Ruby haar- Gold Jewellery

Latest Jewellery Design in Gold Choker  

The choker necklace has a long and illustrious history. Chokers were used in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes during this period. However, since its inception, the style in which it has been worn — close-fitting on the neck – has remained the same. Chokers today are made up of a variety of textures, designs, materials, and colours. Chokers composed of hefty chains, metal, stripes, gems, and pearls are all popular right now on catwalks. Chokers are always trending fashion trends, especially in the gold jewellery department. This is a piece that you don’t want to miss.


Indian Gold Jewellery Design – Temple Jewellery   

Temple Jewellery is a type of ethnic jewellery in which Gods and Goddesses are depicted in various shapes. It was originally constructed of gold with various precious stones and gems placed in it. Rubies, Diamonds, Kundan, Pearls, Polkas, Meenakari, and Kemp are examples of precious stones. Precious and semi-precious stones are utilized in both cut and uncut forms to give the jewellery a classic look. North Indian stones, such as polki, or even some sorts of stones, such as Emerald or Ruby, are embedded. South India is represented with temple jewellery. It is a very intricate piece of jewellery that resembles the ornate pillars and richly sculpted walls of numerous South Indian temples, particularly Thanjavur. So if you are a bride-to-be and are looking for ways to show off your culture, temple jewellery is the way to go.


Pendant Necklace

Navrathan’s exquisite designer pieces and pendant sets will redefine your sense of style. Get the top quality simple, stylish, classic, and party wear pendant set online delivered to your door. You will find an amazing assortment of products to enhance your appearance all in one spot. Every woman aspires to look great and beautiful at all times. Our beautiful pendant set assortment will make you appear amazing. With its trendy style and unique shapes, the perfect pair of elegant gold and diamond earrings with a pendant may best compliment any lady’s apparel. It’s critical to choose the proper pendant set to complement the tone of your outfit. Our pendants are a perfect piece for all your outfits.


Stunning gold jewellery design earrings  

Gold is a timeless colour that never goes out of style. A pair of fashionable yet traditional gold jewellery is all you need to glam up your wardrobe, whether it’s for a festival or an ethnic day at work. If you’re not sure which earrings to wear for a particular occasion, here are some of the most recent gold earring designs to assist you at Navrathan.


Royal Gold Bangles – The Great Indian Tradition   

Bangles have a unique brilliance that no other jewellery has! Bangles are a mainstay of Indian jewellery, and no outfit is complete without them. Have you ever wondered what it is about them that makes every Indian lady, married or not, want to wear them? Here are some of the nicest items you may choose from, ranging from traditional hefty gold bangles to lighter pieces for everyday use.


Golden beginnings with golden rings  

When it comes to jewellery, rings are one of the most important components. It symbolizes a range of emotions, social rank, significance, and familial ties. They also play an essential part during many occasions like wedding seasons. Rings bring together relationships and make way for new families to come together. The piece above is a unique one. It has a specially designed temple piece hidden behind the surface of the ring. It is a unique piece tipped with an elegant green stone.


A piece to join lives – Gold Mangalsutra   

In a time when we all consider jewellery to be a need for making a fashion statement, there is one necklace that Indian women wear as a symbol of their sacred bond with their husbands. Yes, we’re discussing the mangalsutra. The designs for mangalsutra have changed over time, but their divine importance has remained the same. At Navrathan, we have pieced together each piece and come up with each design that suits your tastes but holds on to the significance of the bond. Every mangalsutra to make your unique love and relationship with each other strong.


Unique peacock design Mangtikka   

According to Indian tradition, the maangtikka bestows power, will, and wisdom on the bride as she embarks on her new life journey. The bride is also decked with a maangtikka to protect her from the evil eye and negative energies. But most importantly, the maangtikka represents the bride and groom’s unity. The maangtikka above is embedded with pretty gems and beads that adds to the beauty of the piece. It is the perfect piece for a wedding season as well as a simple celebration at your home. A piece that suits every look.

 Mangtika-Latest Gold Jewellery designs

Complete your earring set with these beautiful Mattil   

Mattil is the second part of an earring or maangtikka that acts as an add-on. They add extra shades of beauty across your years and head. These are used mainly by classical dancers and by brides during weddings. It is the perfect element to add to complete your bridal beauty. The piece above is fashioned with beads which add an incredibly beautiful touch of white to the piece.

Matil-Gold Jewellery

A masterpiece of Mope Pendants  

The latest trend in the department of gold jewellery is the mope pendants. They are single pendents that are attached to chains to add to the beautiful ensemble. They are unique and come in different designs. They are perfect for highlighting your simple outfits. They can be used for multiple occasions. The mope that is displayed here has a beautiful mayura design and displays an attractive element of nature. They have beautiful gems like ruby, diamonds, and emeralds embedded in them. They are the perfect choice for your beautiful gold jewellery collection.

Mayura Mope-Antique Gold Jewellery

Simple yet elegant gold chains  

Gold is one of the world’s oldest and most treasured precious metals, and it is also said to have healing qualities. As a result, it’s no surprise that this notion has made its way down through millennia to firmly establish itself in our current civilization. It was formerly thought that pure, 24-carat gold had the power to create soothing vibrations that would relax the body, relaxing blood vessels and allowing for increased blood flow, allowing the body to heal faster! Gold jewellery is ideal for all ages because of its unique ‘tonic’ impact. The simple gold chains at Navrathan are the perfect way to stay in style and keep the benefits of wearing gold daily. The piece displayed is the perfect example for the same.

Gold chain-Gold Jewellery-designGold-chain-Gold Jewellery design

The majestic look of gold bracelet   

Another way of wearing gold jewellery every day is a gold bracelet. bracelets have been in trend forever now. It is the perfect element to complement your daily looks and your personality. A simple bracelet can change your entire look. Bracelets come in different fashions. There are charm bracelets, simple bracelets, bracelets that suit both men and women, i.e. unisex bracelets, and many more. Just like that, at Navrathan, we have an incredible collection of bracelet designs that can be adorned with different outfits and different styles. The piece above is just perfect for a simple evening look, or casual office looks. It will also look incredible with traditional outfits that don’t need bangles.

Bracelet-Latest Gold Jewellery-DesignBracelet-Latest Gold Jewellery Design

The mystery of the amazing antique jewellery

The world is drooling over the classic and antique jewellery worn by the stunning brides, and if you want to be a bride who exudes a vintage mood, it’s time to invest in these incredible antique pieces. Antique jewellery resonates with lavish celebrations bursting with excitement and happiness, which makes it one of the most fascinating, aspirational, and talked-about features of a bride on her big day. Antique jewels are best described as brilliant, ethereal, and royal since they are steeped in classic immortality. Antique jewellery has taken brides by storm following the transformation in the fashion industry in the previous few years. The best way to work around a perfect bridal look will always be antique jewellery. The piece above is a combination of antique jewellery along with temple jewellery. Temple jewellery, when designed with a piece of an antique gold metal, is an extraordinary piece. They create a unique touch of exuberance to the look and create a flawless traditional look to your beauty. Antique temple jewellery is the most chosen and most liked piece for brides. Antique temple jewellery is also a good sign of blessings by the Gods and Goddesses and a way to always have them to guide our path, a perfect blessing for every bride and groom. Antique temple gold jewellery is an investment that can also be carried down through the years as an heirloom piece.

Regal Haar- Antique Gold Jewellery

There is never an end to gold jewellery designs  

Gold is the most prevalent and most valuable metal used in Indian jewellery. In comparison to other metals, it is more malleable but also more durable. Which makes it more valuable than the other metals used to produce jewellery in India? The proportion and purity of gold in a substance are described in Karats (K) or Carats (Ct), which represent the proportion and purity of gold in the material. Typical Indian gold is yellow in hue and comes in 18k, 20k, and 24k weights.

Apart from yellow gold, there are two other forms of gold: white gold and rose gold. There is also a huge collection of rose gold and white gold collection at Navrathan. Rose gold is a metal alloy made up of pure gold and copper, and White gold is often a 75 per cent gold alloy with a 25 per cent nickel and zinc content. Under the collection Apsara, you will find these unique pieces along with other gold jewellery designs. Gold is one of the best investments to make as they always have an appreciating value. It is also one of those jewellery trends that will never go out of style. They will always be significant to our culture, our heritage and will always be part of our numerous occasions.

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