Meet the most prettiest antique gold bangle designs

Bangles are always a fashion accessory that many women like to have.

Besides, bracelets can also be used as party decorations, souvenir gifts, or gifts for friends and relatives to commemorate this special day.

Bangles are made from gold and other materials like copper, silver, brass, glass, and many more.

Many people prefer to buy gold bangles as they are the most beautiful and the most costly accessories for girls. And if it is an antique gold bangle, it will light up your look with its charm. Antique gold bangles designs are very rare and unique and make you stand out from the crowd.

An antique gold bangle is a very feminine and beautiful accessory for women. You can put it on your wrist to make you look elegant and stylish.

Here, you will find a variety of antique gold bangles designs that can make you look classy and beautiful.

Best Antique Gold Bangles Designs By Navrathan Jewellers  

Here we are with beautiful antique gold bangle designs. The old design gold bangles are mesmerizing. This antique gold bangle will make you feel precious and adventurous.

Antique gold bangles designs by Navrathan jewelers make you feel distinguished. We craft the most stylish and unique bangle design that you will see.

1. Classic Antique Jewelry Gold Bangles  

Classic Antique Jewelry Gold Bangles - Navrathan

Mesmerizing antique gold bangles design by Navrathan Jewellers. This Lakshmi Gold bangle is designed for women who want to show themselves as elegant. This antique piece of the pure gold bangle is precisely crafted. It is a simple yet elegant design.

The overall shape of this bangle has a deep catch-like pattern. This antique jewelry has a design and patterns that are inspired by Indian culture.

2. Lakshmi Traditional Antique Temple Kada  

Lakshmi Traditional Antique Temple Kada - Navrathan

Here is the beautiful antique traditional temple bangle that has a never-ending antique golden charm with divine touch. Adorn yourself with antique traditional temple bangles that are beautifully crafted in symmetric Lakshmi and peacock designs. Feel like a Queen when you wear these antique traditional gold temple bangles. These old temple bangles are of the highest quality and are finely crafted. Wear these antique temple bangles that are high in quality and gorgeous in look.

3. Antique Temple Gold Bangle Design  

Antique Temple Gold Bangle Design And Ring - Navrathan

The antique gold temple’s bangles are divine in look and highly durable. These antique gold temple bangles are crafted with pure precious metals to ensure the highest quality.

These beautiful antique temple bangles are sure to attract the attention of people. Wear these antique gold temple bangles that are made with the finest quality materials and are of utmost durability. You can also find matching antique gold rings from our grand antique jewelry collections.

4.Vintage Gold Bangle With Gemstones and Symmetric Design  

Vintage Gold Bangle With Gemstones and Symmetric Design

A pair of golden temple bangles with antique symmetric patterns. These antique bangles are a must-have for all those who love to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. The beautiful temple designs that you see on these antique bangles are made in a unique way so that they can be worn day after day. It is available in various sizes. You can also buy these antique bangles for yourself and your close friends as a gift.

5. Antique Gold Bracelet with Ruby and Gem  

Antique Gold Bracelet with Ruby and Gem - Navrathan

Have you ever seen antique gold bracelets with ruby? If no, then you have missed a rare opportunity to add some color and beauty to your look. This antique gold bracelet is made of gold and gemstone. It has a ruby and gem on the center of the bracelet. The stone is decorated with antique-style so that they look extremely beautiful on all occasions.

6. Antique Peacock Traditional Gold Bangles with Ruby and Emerald  

Antique Peacock Traditional Gold Bangles with Ruby and Emerald - Navrathan

These antique bangles have a peacock which is very common in India. It is studded with stunning stones, emerald, and ruby. The beauty of this bangle is unmatched, and it will make you look very elegant. And the emerald and ruby stones add more color to this bangle. It is a unique design that gives a different look to your casual wear.


The above-mentioned gold bangles are the best and prettiest bangle designs. The antique style makes them more traditional and elegant. These bangles go very well with all dresses on all occasions. So they are the best bangles that can be worn by everyone.

Antique gold jewelry is the most favorite type of jewelry for many people. It makes you look more charming and stylish at any time of the day. It is very important to pick the right kind of bangles that suits your personality. The antique gold bangle designs we have mentioned in this article will definitely make you more stylish and elegant.

You can wear them with your casual wear or on an occasion as well. So, choose the one which will give you a perfect look.

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