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For years now, jewellery has been part of our tradition. Men and women have adorned different types of jewellery styles to suit different occasions and different cultures. The culture of jewellery came about a long time ago. They were made with shells and bones as a part of protective gear. After the discovery of metalworking, jewellery became more sophisticated and intricate decoration.

Jewellery has a significant meaning in Indian culture. They have ethnic and spiritual significance, which is why they are commonly used during weddings. The bride’s jewellery represents her acceptance into her husband’s extended family. As she becomes a member of her bridegroom’s extended family, they are a part of the purifying ritual. One among the different significances present in our culture.

Today, Gold is no longer the only metal used in jewellery. Jewellery stands for beauty, passion, wealth, a form of expression, and art. In today’s world jewellery is used for many reasons and occasions. Navrathan’s main aim at making jewellery is to create pieces that not only add to your collection but also treasure your memories.

This article is a brief insight into the stunning collection of gems and jewels. A walk through the jewellery collection of Navrathan.

A Peak into the Immutable Navrathan Collection of Jewellery  

As old as time, as beautiful as the stars. Navrathan’s Antique Jewellery collection.  

It has always been intriguing for everyone to possess pieces from bygone eras and jewellery from the past. Classic jewellery, passed down from generations has been part of our lives for a long time. Antique jewellery is pieces that have elements that are at least 100 years old. They possess numerous qualities which include shine, sustainability, long-lasting, etc. Antique jewellery also carries stories with them. They might be stories of the past, they might be the stories and memories that you weave.

Antique jewellery is one of the most unique and special categories of jewellery made at Navrathan. We understand the reasons and love with which jewellery is bought, one of the reasons why creating the most irresistible pieces of Antique jewellery is important to us. Under antique jewellery we have a wide range of jewellery types available. Necklaces with unique designs, one different from the other, Earrings that act as the key element to any look, and rings and bracelets with antique designs are also available. The designs meet modern needs and expectations. They have unique designs with incredible craftsmanship.

Antique gold necklace - antique jewellery collection

Fine jewellery with the beauty of rare uncut pieces, Kundan-Polki Collection.  

Kundan is a type of gold jewellery that is produced from the purest form of the metal. Kundan is the name of the setting that surrounds the stones. The term ‘kundan’ refers to highly refined pure gold, and most of this form of jewellery is made of 24k gold.

Kundan jewellery is one of India’s oldest types of jewellery, with a history dating back over 2,500 years. Because 24 karats is a little softer than 18 karats, it cannot be used to make a whole jewellery piece—only the jadayi component, which is finally known as kundan, is done in 24 karats. Polki diamonds are uncut and unfinished. They have a non-faceted polished surface and are often carved to follow the original structure of the stone. They are often kept in their original rough form. This is why no two polki are alike, making each one different and one-of-a-kind. It is one of the oldest types of cut diamonds, having originated in India long before the invention of western cutting methods. Polokis are incredibly valuable because they are the purest kind of diamond obtainable. The fact that these designs are often enhanced with precious stones and pearls adds to their value as well. Kundan-Polki jewellery is named for the polki stones that are set in the encasement, and the process of manufacturing kundan and polki is known as Jadau!

Kundan jewellery is one of India’s oldest jewellery crafts, with roots dating back to the Rajput and Mughal eras. Many centuries ago, this style was imported to the country and flourished under the patronage of the Mughals. The royal families of India then effectively adapted it. This type of jewellery today contains vestiges of creativity and craftsmanship from the Mughal and Rajput eras. Polki jewellery has a rich history as well as a timeless appeal. Owning a piece of polki jewellery is regarded as a great addition to an Indian woman’s jewellery box because it is one of the earliest forms of traditional jewellery. Different nations have their own piece of polki jewellery. Rajputi brides, for example, favour stiff aad necklaces. Statement earrings like Kashmiri jhumkas and kanser are perennial favourites with today’s young brides, while chokers piled with long haars or heavy spherical necklaces are popular choices.

Polki diamonds are less expensive when compared to finished diamonds used in fine jewellery. Kundan is the name given to the setting in which polki diamonds are set. As a result, it was a complete kundan-polki set.

Kundan-Polki collection at Navrathan has a range of jewellery, each unique to its occasion. There is a complete collection of kundan-polki jewelry that is dedicated to bridal jewelry. Kundan-polki Sets offers a wide choice of high-quality Indian bridal jewellery that may be completely personalized to meet the preferences of the customer. Grab the best designs to shine at all your special moments.

Kundan Polki Jewellery Collection - Kundan Polki Necklace

The evergreen shades of Meenakari Jewellery  

Let’s start at the very beginning. Persia is the origin of Meenakari jewellery. Mina is the feminine counterpart of Minoo (Persian meaning = Heaven), and she is fixated on the cyanic colour of heaven. This art was created by Iranian artisans and afterwards transmitted by Mongolians to other countries (including Indians). Mughals, who were fond of elaborate Mughal jewellery, became acquainted with Shahi art.

It was popularised in Rajasthan sometime in the 16th century by Raja Man Singh (Amber), who summoned Meenakars from the Mughal court in Lahore. These Meenakars were able to settle in Jaipur thanks to him, and the craft was firmly established. In India, Jaipur has become the epicentre of Meenakari art.

Metal oxides are combined with a sprinkle of powdered glass to create the enamel hues. The science behind it is that the oxide content determines the colour hue that will be achieved.

Silver is the most popular metal for Meenakari because the enamel melts and adheres well to pure metal, resulting in one piece. Basic colours like green, blue, and yellow can be resisted by silver. Gold, on the other hand, has traditionally been utilized for Meenakari jewellery for the longest time. Gold retains the enamel better and brings out the colours more vividly.

At Navrathan the designs of Meenakari jewellery are decorated with the most beautiful motifs and colours that leave you mesmerized. These pieces are unique and different in their own way. Each piece is carefully created and crafted keeping in mind the beauty of the shades. These pieces are very popular for different festivities and are in huge demand during wedding seasons. These mesmerizing pieces are ones you don’t want to miss.

Meenakari Jewellery Set - Meenakari earrings and necklace set

Crafted by artists and blessed by the lords, The everlasting Temple Jewellery Collection  

Temple Jewellery is a type of multicultural jewellery in which Gods and Goddesses are depicted in various shapes. It was originally constructed of gold with various precious stones and gems placed in it. During the reigns of renowned monarchs such as the Pandya dynasty, the Chola dynasty, and the Krishnadeva Raya empire, temple jewellery reigned in the South Indian jewellery box until the 16th century. During these reigns, experienced and accomplished goldsmiths and craftsmen were engaged to create temple jewellery accessories for kings, queens, and other prominent persons. It’s known as temple jewellery since it was offered as a gift to the temple by royalty.

Navrathan has a wide collection of unbelievably beautiful pieces. Each piece of temple jewellery has a story to tell. The carvings and detailing is mesmerizing. The jewellery pieces are also adorned by floral designs carved in them. If you have a collection of temple jewellery, the pieces at Navrathan will be the perfect addition.

Gold and Ruby Temple Pendant - Temple Jewellery Collection

Trend after Trend, Jewellery with a touch of modern taste.  

With the changing times and every industry changing to adapt to the latest trends, the Modern jewellery collection preference of people have revolved too. The preferences have changed due to the development and changes in the society. Earlier heavy jewellery was adorned by women on daily basis but the times have changed and women prefer simple jewellery for everyday use.

Navrathan has kept this in mind and has created a modern jewellery collection that perfectly aligns with the tastes and preferences of people today. The jewellery is also light and can be easily maintained.

Modern Necklace Set - Modern Jewellery Designs

Any Occasion or Wedding, one-stop-shop for your favourite jewellery  

Indians place a premium on the finer points of bridal jewellery. The more subtle the subtleties of these jewels are, the more important they are to the family’s tradition and the jewellery itself.

There are religious jewels in addition to bridal jewels worn by the bride. In Hinduism, these are frequently associated with Gods and Goddesses. By wearing these jewels, you are requesting protection from these celestial beings. It’s also a form of benediction. Jewellery can serve to enhance one’s appearance. It also represents money, power, and social standing. Jewellery is a kind of art for certain people who want to express themselves creatively. Then there are those that wear jewellery as a part of their culture and custom. They all play important roles, despite their differences in importance and relevance.

Whether it is a birthday, an engagement, an office meeting, or the celebration of one of the many festivals in our culture, you can always find your way to Navrathan. The jewellery collection starts from small god idols and lasts till head-to-toe bridal jewellery sets. Navrathan has a special jewellery collection for all the brides of India.

Wedding Jewellery Collection - Jewellery for every Occasion

The Four Pillers of Jewellery – Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum  

The most common metal used in jewellery is gold. It is long-lasting and does not tarnish despite frequent use. Gold jewellery is regarded as valuable by many Hindus. Hindus believe that gold has the ability to purify anything it comes into contact with. It is also regarded as a symbol of prosperity and power. In addition, it represents good health, prosperity, and femininity. The best thing about gold jewellery is that it flawlessly matches all Indian and western clothing by adding a traditional touch.

Gold Necklace - Latest gold jewellery collection and designs

Silver is also a popular metal for people to wear. It is positioned adjacent to gold. Gold is worn above the waist in Hindu culture. Meanwhile, silver can be worn from the waist down. Silver bangles, rings, and anklets are common. Silver has always been associated with protection from magic in their culture. Silver, according to Hindus, represents the Moon or Luna. It is a sign of motherhood and femininity. It is also thought to aid in the reduction of negative emotions and the enhancement of one’s dreams.

Diamond is one of the most widely used gemstones in jewellery. It is frequently linked to weddings and engagements. Diamonds are said to bring comfort to those who wear them. This stone possesses mystical abilities that will help them succeed. Diamond jewellery is a symbol of purity, innocence, and everlasting love.

Diamond Necklace - Diamond Jewellery Collection

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals used in jewellery production. It’s simple to clean; all you need is some mild soap and a gentle cloth to restore its brilliance. It is also renowned as a hypoallergenic metal, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Platinum Bracelet - Platinum Jewellery Collection

Although designs and shades of jewellery keep changing, the only thing that is constant in jewellery making is the four metals. Every piece of jewellery used in Navratan has the best quality of these metals. Designers and craftsmen choose the best for our dearest. Navrathan’s jewellery collection is always going to have the best and the latest creatives.

Blessed with the presence – God’s Idols.  

Idol worship is a popular form of worship in all Indian houses. God’s idols come in many shapes and sizes, and each size shape and material have their own significance. Navrathan has a wide range of collections of God idols. Bring home these idols and welcome good luck and prosperity in the form of these idols. Navrathan presents god idols in gold and silver. These are designed in such a way that it brings good luck and adds beauty to your God’s house.

Ganesha Idol - Ganesha Gold Murti -  Gold God idol

House of God, silver is the way to go – Silver Pooja Materials  

As mentioned above, Silver has always been associated with protection from magic in their culture. Silver, according to Hindus, represents the Moon or Luna. It is a sign of motherhood and femininity. It is also thought to aid in the reduction of negative emotions and the enhancement of one’s dreams. This is one of the main reasons silver is used in the pooja room. Some of the other reasons why is because Any vessels or idols made of silver will last for a very long time. Because of their chemical makeup, they can survive for more than ten years. In comparison to other metals such as gold, brass, and silver, things required less time to melt. The vessels or idols must stay near the fire for a long period because most puja rites are discovered to offer arati or home.

Navrathan presents to you a wide collection of silver pooja materials that works efficiently for the pooja room and are the most durable pieces for the same. The collection contains items that are used in different rituals that are followed in our culture. The quality of silver in the materials is unbelievably good. The daily use of pooja items is especially created to be more durable and long-lasting. This will be the perfect collection for the inane pooja room.

Silver Pooja Material - Antique Silver Lamp

The beauty that stands aside from everything – The Apsara Collection  

Navrathan’s latest jewellery collection is from the Apsara collection. This collection was inspired by all the young women in our world. This collection is a set of small and light jewellery that is a composition of the best gems and metals.

Rose Gold and Diamond Ring - Apsara Collection

In this collection, you will find all kinds of jewellery pieces. From rings to necklaces, from diamonds to beautiful silver pendants. The collection is a set of daily-use jewellery that has simple yet elegant designs. It adds grace and charm to your everyday outfits. The Apsara collection has beautiful sets that are inspired by nature and its works. The sets are a mixture of modern thought and designs. The earrings and pendants are also inspired by the likes and modern beliefs. The Apsara collection also has a range of mangalsutras and rings which are a part of the many wedding rituals and customs.

Rose Gold Neckpiece - Mangalsutra - Apsara Collection
Rose gold earrings - Apsara Collection


These are various jewellery and other collections that are available at Navrathan. Navrathan collects and creates jewellery that best suits its customers. We are always working towards excellence and quality as fine as possible. The jewellery that you buy with love is made with care and nurtured throughout the processes for the best results.

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