Traditional Bridal Gold Jhumka Designs For Brides In 2022

Stunning Traditional Bridal Gold Jhumkas Earrings For Brides 2022

Jhumkas are an essential component of Indian weddings and a popular ornament in Indian culture. But, what exactly is a Jhumka? A jhumka is a style of earring with a hanging gem on top, generally made of gold or silver. They are considered traditional items of jewellery in India. Jhumkas are worn by ladies and girls and are recognized for their complex patterns, some of which include peacock feathers or floral motifs.

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Let’s Explore The Indian Bridal Gold Jhumka Designs!

1. Delightful Gold Jhumka

The traditional design of this jhumka is timeless and will never go out of style. This particular piece of Delightful Gold Jhumka has a gross weight of 17.5 grams and a gold purity of 22 karats gold. They are topped with gold, with the rest of the body incorporating intricate designs. The Jhumkas can be paired with any Indian bridal outfit and an evening wear option for any special occasion.


2. Exclusive Festive Gold Jhumka

Jhumkas are an essential part of Indian bridal trousseau, and if it’s a festive occasion. There is no better choice than gold Jhumkas. Exclusive Festive Gold Jhumka complements traditional outfits and adds a touch of royalty to any look. Look no further than these stunning Intriguing, hypnotic gold Jhumka designs enriched by authenticity—style with a touch of elegance.

Exclusive Festive Gold Jhumka- Bridal Gold Jhumka

3. Royal Paisely Kundan Jhumka

Royal Paisely Kundan Jhumka is a gorgeous gold Jhumka by Navrathan that gives you an unmistakable sense of authenticity. The intricate paisley motifs contrasting with the Kundan stones in red and green will seem a bit more graceful, while the gold petals adorning the base of the Jhumka will add an extra touch of elegance.

Royal Paisely Kundan Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

4. Elegant Classy Gold Jhumka

Adorned with Kundan stone, this embellishment gold Jhumka is an adorable ornament. Elegant Classy Gold Jhumka is perfect for any traditional function. It adds glamour to your look and makes you appear beautiful. The floral pattern of the Jhumka looks alluring and adds charm to your overall appearance. The design is unique and will attract the attention of everyone present at the event.

Elegant Classy Gold Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

5. Lavish Cluster of Pearl Jhumka

Make an everlasting impression on everyone when you pair your occasion wear with these Lavish Cluster of Pearl Jhumka crafted in 22 Karat Yellow Gold. You can create a statement look by wearing this piece with a matching saree or lehenga.

Lavish Cluster of Pearl Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

6. Luxurious Floral Jhumka

These floral pattern bridal gold jhumka earrings in 22 Karat Yellow Gold will add a touch of tradition to your ensemble. This intricate Luxurious Floral Jhumka design has a floral pattern with a pearl drop at the bottom to give it an elegant touch. Add a touch of glamour to your bridal look; this gold Jhumka is perfect.

Luxurious Floral Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

7. Divine Goddess Lakshmi Jhumka

Ravishing goddess Lakshmi Jhumka is embedded with stones which give an elegant look. Ideal for brides to wear on the auspicious occasion of marriage.

The Divine Goddess Lakshmi Jhumka is something that will make you look ravishing. This Jhumka has a divine Lakshmi Devi figure at the top with many studded stones, which will take the spotlight on your wedding day.

Divine Goddess Lakshmi Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

8. Marvellous Royal Jhumka  

This exquisite pair of Jhumkas is the perfect choice for a modern bride. The style is versatile enough to pair with any attire, be it a saree, lehenga, or even an Indo-western gown. The Marvellous Royal Jhumka is crafted in gold with precious stones.

The hanging pearl at the bottom adds to its beauty. No matter your outfit, it will go magnificent with everything.

Marvellous Royal Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

9. Blooming Floral Jhumka

These magnificent floral jhumkas are on the go with your bridal outfit that will make your perfect day perfect. These stunning Blooming Floral Jhumka are crafted in gold with precious stones, and the floral design makes them more appealing.

Blooming Floral Jhumka-Bridal Gold Jhumka

Explore Jhumka Earrings Collection by Navrathan

Navrathan jewellers has one of the most extensive collections of traditional Jhumkas. Some of the conventional bridal Jhumkas that we have unearthed and produced are in one-of-a-kind shape, form, and design.

The gold Jhumkas enhance the bridal look even more. Whether it’s wedding season or not, these gorgeous and delicate designs from Navrathan will add a touch of glitz to your look. Also check out our social media page for latest bridal gold jhumka designs updated, follow us to keep in touch with current trends.

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