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As the rays of the moon fall on the mighty ocean, it arouses into crashing waves, and so your lover’s soul will arouse when she gets a beautiful piece of a necklace from her admirer. As we belong to a strong heritage culture, we are spellbound to the aesthetic objects and belong to a bygone era. We are now fascinated by the old school love, hence this valentine bequest your lover with beautiful antique jewellery.

Just like the beautiful night sky is ornamented with gorgeous stars that are night side by the moon in the form of love bites, so is the neck of your lover camouflaged by the jewels gifted by you.

Be the Romeo to her Juliet with these astonishing antique jewellery only at Navrathan!   

 It is believed from the ancient times up to modern days that gifting jewellery to your loved ones is the best way to express your love, just like old school movies when a hero presents bangles to his beloved for expressing love. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at some unique jewellery designs that are perfect to be presented as a gift for V-Day!

1. Ace Of Hearts Solitaire Earrings For Your Match Made In Heaven!

Jewellery is the light and shine of any event that occurs throughout the year. Be it the festive season, wedding bells, or valentine’s eve; jewellery can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Now, the tricky part is choosing what could be the best when you’ve got thousands of options on your fingertips! When it’s about other traditional occasions, you can go for any design or ornaments you like, but Valentine’s Day Gift has to be something unique as a blue diamond. Well, you can go for these spectacular Ace hearts solitaire earrings that will surely steal the thunder when paired with any casual or ethnic outfit.

Ace Of Hearts Solitaire Earrings - Valentines Day Gift

2. Be The Moon And Light Up The Party.

Parties are a great way to escape reality and enjoy the evening a little. For such beautiful and soothing evenings, you’ll indeed be looking for antique jewellery online. If that is so, you can have a look at these exquisite floral gold studs that will add a finishing touch to your lover’s elegant outfit. Thus, making her, all set to shine like a royal princess of the golden era!

Exquisite Floral Gold Studs - Valentines Day Gift

3. Make her keep you close to her heart in the form of a cute little pendant!

Offices are where we spend most of our time, and it’s nearly impossible to wear heavy jewellery set to ruin an all-professional look. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for the whimsical gold pendant set. Antique jewellery designs will undoubtedly remain in our hearts forever, but pendants are subtle, making them more attractive for everyday wear. The alluring tiny flowers and its classic look make it a must-have set for this V-Day! She will surely wear it all day, remembering your cute gesture for the rest of your lives.

Whimsical Gold Pendant Set - Valentines Day Gift

4. Running out of time? Go online for antique jewellery!

Blooming Filigree Leafy Jhumka - Valentines Day Gift

Finding the best, most unique, and worthy to fall in love with antique jewellery is undoubtedly a demanding task! Well, you must have other high-priority things on your plate. Thus, making it challenging to explore physical stores and lay your hands on the most delicate piece of jewellery for gifting. In this digital world, the jewellery business has gotten two steps ahead as well! You can now search for the perfect ornaments online at Navrathan without wondering and wasting your energy. The blooming filigree leafy jhumkas are a matchless gift you’ll get to see nowhere else. They are handcrafted with care and adorned with intricate detailing that will make your special moments extra special!

5. Embracing Your Royalty With A Graceful Gold Peacock Necklace.

Graceful Gold Peacock Necklace - Valentines Day Gift

Wedding occasions are way much associated with royalty. The royal Indian jewellery designs have been in trend for decades. If you want to rule over her heart, then there’s nothing perfect than a gold peacock necklace for your soulmate. The handcrafted peacock design and motifs of an Indian goddess make it more breathtaking. It is so immensely beautiful that no one can ever resist it. When paired with a simple-yet classical saree, she’ll indeed turn all the heads!

6. Antiques For Eternal Love!

Women are pretty intrigued with the vintage and antique jewellery designs for sale. They love to carry a hint of culture and newness in their look. That is what makes a chandbali style jhumka set embedded with rubies and pearls a perfect gift for the women in your life! This valentine’s, go for these antiques-filled with eternal love, and her beaming smile will certainly make your day.

7. Bound Your Love In An Enticing Forever With Antique Engagement Rings.

Radiant Pearl Gold Ring - Valentines Day Gift

Rings are a symbol of pure love between two hearts who’ve decided to stick together till death do them apart! If you are planning to bend down on your knees, then there’s nothing as good as valentine’s day. The radiant pearl gold ring is one the best engagement rings at Navrathan that will leave her mesmerized. Thus making the moment more memorable for you both. Take good care of lightning and decorations, and make sure to capture the moment!

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 8. Give Her a Classical Old-School Proposal With The Intricate Mayura Bangles!

Intricate Mayura Bangles - Valentines Day Gift

Some women consider engagement rings as a cliche. If you are planning to do something unique and old-school, it’s better to lay your hands on these intricate Mayura bangles. There could be nothing more awe-inspiring than offering her this beautiful set of handcrafted bangles and asking her to stay forever! The handmade design and god motifs make it more traditional, classy, and perfect for your evening.

Let’s Have A Sweet Wind-Up.

Until now, you might have scrolled through a lot of websites hunting for the best and most adorable gift for V-Day. We knew your struggle, and that’s why we’ve bought together some fascinating pieces of ornaments that no woman can resist! Navrathan is the oldest player in the industry adding sparkle to your precious moments. You can easily shop for these antique jewellery online! Just pick what suits your needs, and you are all set!

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