10 Essential Pieces of antique Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have

Weddings are every girl’s dream. It is a day filled with love, happiness, joy, excitement and a bit of nervousness. Every part of the wedding, beginning from the theme and the decoration of the wedding to the food of the wedding, is of great importance to make this day significant. Undebatably, the centre of attention of the wedding is the marvellous Bride. The beauty of the bride is elevated with amazing jewellery and Antique Jewellery is the perfect choice for every bride.

10 Essential Pieces Of Antique Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have in Her List

Are you organizing your bridal look for your D-day? Acquiring the ideal antique bridal jewellery pieces can be a challenging task. We are here to guide you with the list of essential pieces of Bridal Antique Jewellery that will help you make you look elegant and extraordinary on your D-day. 

Here is a list of Antique Bridal Jewellery for every Bride:

Golden beginnings with Antique Jewellery Rings 

Rings have been adorned and loved by Indian women for centuries, as they signify love and devotion towards a partner in a marriage. They are also used to express emotions through hand indications. Why stick only to your engagement ring when you can add an astonishing antique to your wedding collection. They are also an important element of your wedding collection to complete your look.

This sensational pear shaped antique ring is the perfect choice for you. Designed in Gold with the perfect emerald stone in the middle, surrounded by Polki and Diamonds, it is the perfect ring to gift to your beloved sister, daughter, fiance or niece on her big day to make it special.  


Sophisticated Kundan Daab to accentuate your Bridal Look 

Daab is a piece of Jewellery worn on the arms, especially by Indian women. It is mostly worn by Maharashtrian, South Indian, & Rajasthani women. It is considered pride to wear a Bajuband in Rajasthan. The Daab is the perfect Jewellery for the Bride to give you a complete traditional look. If you opt for Antique Wedding Jewellery, then Daab/ Bajuband is an essential part of your bridal look. 

This sophisticated Kundan Daab is intricated with Peacock. Lakshmi Daab crafted in Gold with precious stones is the perfect bajuband, giving you a traditional look on your D-day. This Daab makes you feel like a princess of your beautiful home and be the ideal daughter-in-law to your to-be home. 

Kundan Daab- antique ornaments for wedding

Royal Blossom Bangles- A feeling of Royalty 

How can you be a bride without bangles? Bangles have always been a remarkable piece of Jewellery added to a bridal list from centuries together. Indian brides and Bangles are a match made in heaven, just like your match. A classic bride is always seen wearing amazing and breathtaking Jewellery on her arms. Every bangle is a marvellous complement to every Bride. From the simple plain designs to the antique bold temple screw design bangles, every Antique Jewellery for the wedding is nothing short of a majestic piece when it is crafted in antique Gold.

These gold bangles with floral motifs are the perfect bangles to reward yourself as they signify good fortune and prosperity in you and your- partner’s life. We have a varied range of antique bangle designs, from simple plain designs to bold temple designs. 

Royal Blossom Bangles- antique jewellery for wedding

Enchanting Gold Kamarbandh or Waistband- Values that a Bridal outfit deserves

Waistbands are one of the most popular pieces in Antique Wedding Jewellery. Waistbands are usually thin or broad, and they are made of studs or beads. They are one of the most gratifying Jewellery of Bridal wear. They accentuate your attire and waistline. They also give the appropriate shape to your outfit and waistline. There is no charming piece than a charismatic Kamar bandh as it goes well with all traditional outfits.

This beautiful gold Kamar bandh has the motifs of goddess Lakshmi as they signify success and wealth. This Kamar bandh is crafted in Gold with symbols of goddess Lakshmi, surrounded with various precious stones and has golden balls hanging, which adds a highlight to the piece. 

 Antique Kamarbandh-antique gold set for wedding

Lavish Gold Jhumka- To make your Special Moments even more Special.

Earrings are one of the most astonishing and charming Jewellery pieces. Your earrings should balance with your necklace and Jewellery, but your earrings should not be massive or protruding. An earring is a piece that you have to wear the entire day on your ears, so it is essential to choose a light weighted piece so that you can wear it for an extended duration. You have to keep your comfort in mind first, then explore the beautiful Antique Gold Set for a wedding. Jhumkas are one of the most loved antique Traditional Jewellery and loved by Indian brides on their special big day.

This Traditional Antique Jhumka is crafted in Gold with beautiful stones. It is a perfect Jhumka to gift to your better- half to make your special day even more special with her. Give her the heavenly feeling and make her feel double the joy. Explore our antique earrings collection and pick out the best one. 

 Gold Jhumkaa- jewellery for bride

Rani Haar- A feeling of Royalty 

Rani haar, as the name suggests, has a royalty look to the Jewellery. It looks traditional, sophisticated and fashionable. Rani haars are long, exquisite pieces that turn heads. They usually have a smooth and pretty finish which gives the necklace a graceful look to it. It gives a royalty look and feels to the complete wedding outfit. Rani Haars are remarkably long and glorious, with varied layers and pendants. It is often studded with rubies, emeralds, pearls, and diamonds. They are eye-catching and individual jewellery pieces. 

This magnificent Rani Haar is designed in Gold with a gold floral pattern. It’s a unique piece that gives a queen feeling to every Indian Bride who wears it. No Indian bride should miss a chance to wear the royal chain of precision on her big day.


Antique Chokers- An Antique Jewellery for Wedding celebration

Chokers are one of the most celebrated pieces of Bridal Jewellery. An admirable traditional antique choker undoubtedly uplifts your appearance. A choker not only glitz on the neck but also exhilarates your overall beauty. It is an Antique and Fashionable piece of Jewellery that can be worn with any traditional outfit. There are many categories of Choker- Necklace to choose from, depending on your preference and the concept of your overall outfit. 

This choker design adds a pinch of gratefulness to your absolute outfit. We have varied amazing choker designs for you to explore from. 

Glamorous Antique Choker- antique jewellery set for marriage

Maang Tikka- A symbol for the Union of Two Souls

A bride’s look is incomplete without a Maang Tikka that embellishes her forehead. In the ruling times, it was worn by the queens and princesses, and they were charming. Maang Tikkas are small chains with one end hooked to the head and the other dangling end attached to a motif that is usually worn at the middle parting of the head and has a traditional beauty. Maang Tikka amplifies the Beauty of the Bride by giving her a sophisticated and splendid look. A bride is really attached to a Maang Tikka as it is usually given to her by her parents or gifted from the Groom’s family as it signifies the union of two souls. 

This floral Peacock Maang Tikka is crafted in gold studded with precious stones with pearl droplets is the ideal Jewellery to gift to your daughter-in-law and welcome her to your home and family. Explore all the Maang Tikkas in the antique jewellery collection. 

 Antique Maang Tikka- antique bridal jewellery

Nose Rings or Nath- To Highlight the Beautiful Face 

A Nose Ring is the most remarkable facial highlight of an antique bride. Even a simple Nose ring or Nath can elevate your look and add elegance to your face. Most of the brides have a nose piercing as it is considered that a pierced nose is lucky for a married woman. An antique Nath is the perfect final touch to your traditional outfit. Don’t worry. If you don’t have a piercing, we have clip ons that will look just like the antique ones. Nose rings make a traditional presentation, so do not have second thoughts to channel the power to turn you into the queen that you are. 

 Navrathan has a varied range of nose rings that are available in many designs and styles. Authentic, skilled craftsmanship is our supremacy. Explore our collection of antique traditional nose rings. 

 Beautiful Antique Naath- antique wedding jewellery

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery style antique gold jewellery is the latest and the most recent addition to the antique jewellery collection. Temple jewellery is the design of gods and goddesses, hence the name Temple Jewellery. The main metal component is Gold and is studded with precious stones like Polki, Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, and many more. Bangles, Earrings and Long Chains inspired Temple- Jewellery is in trend, and many Brides prefer Temple Jewellery. It diligently gives the Bride a Goddess- feel.

 Beautiful Antique Naath- antique wedding jewellery

Antique Gold Jewellery designs that are adorned by Indian Brides

Indian Brides adorn Antique Jewellery designs for their weddings and here is a list of remarkable Antique Jewellery designs that’s loved by Brides.


Kundankari is one of the oldest forms of Antique Gold Sets for Weddings, which was actually originated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and flourished during the Mughal emperors. It is crafted by setting precisely shaped un-cut diamonds and other precious gemstones into a gracefully designed metal base. A pretty designed Kundan Jewellery set can be an extraordinary option to wear on your Big Day and can help you make a Fashion Statement.


Polki Is also one of the most Antique Jewellery Designs found in India. This design was brought to India by Mughals. Even though it was brought by the Mughals, it has become a major part of Indian culture. It is crafted of Gold foil and designed with uncut diamonds to generate a splendid reflection of light. It is slightly heavier, giving the Bride a royal look. 


The Mughal period saw the flourishment of Jadau designs, which flourished along the side of Kundankari Jewellery in Jaipur and Bikaner. It is usually compared to Kundankari jewellery designs as most of the making process of Jadau, and Kundankari jewellery is similar. It is where valuable stones like Diamonds, Pearls, and Emeralds are crafted in Gold. It is moulded into a structure on which these precious gemstones are studded. Jadau designs are usually elegant and sophisticated. Most Indian brides distinctively adorn them. 


Take into account that this is your D-day… leave no rock unturned in your reach to make you feel and look like a Queen Bride!

Old Designs are the New Trend!! Antique Jewellery is in trend with all the contemporary brides. These designs are remarkable and noteworthy, making them highly irresistible and precious in a unique way. This Jewellery elevates your look with Elegance, Charisma and Beauty. Antique Jewellery is definitely a must-have for every Bride. Antique Jewellery suits every Indian Bride, either a North-Indian Bride or a South- Indian Bride. 

Explore our Navrathan Antique collection on the website or in our stores and be overwhelmed with the options available only for you.

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