10+ Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs - Wear the Elegance By Navrathan Jewellers

Diamonds are as unique as the person who wears them. Women have an everlasting affair with diamond jewellery. The sparkle of the jewels lights up any attire and makes them look like royalty—Indian women in particular.

The hardest known mineral is diamond, which is a natural crystalline carbon. It is almost colourless in most cases. It is the hardest naturally occurring mineral and is a type of carbon.

Diamond has a high refractive index and moderate light dispersion, features that are carefully studied during diamond cutting and contribute to the brilliance and fire of cut diamonds. Uncut diamond jewellery designs are also gaining immense popularity. To optimize the beauty and brilliance of your holidays and occasions, learn about the diamond jewellery collection at Navrathan.

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Bling a Ring – Diamond Rings  

Diamond rings are a legacy that has been followed for the longest time. It holds great significance, especially during weddings. Diamond rings come in many brilliant designs and with the finest craftsmanship.

Let us talk about wedding diamond rings. Weddings are the union of two lives. On occasion so special, the piece you pick must stand out. Concentrate on mastering the fundamentals of the Four C’s: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. They are important and play a huge role in the ring’s look.

Divided by families united by ceremony and rings – Wedding rings from Navrathan’s latest diamond jewellery designs   

Wedding rings are personal and are designed carefully. In the piece displayed above, you can see the looks of a traditional engagement ring. It is a piece with 51 diamonds and rose gold metal that holds the entire piece together. This diamond ring represents the best features of rings and beautifies the person lucky enough to adorn it.

Hexagon Diamond Ring - Diamond Wedding Ring Designs - Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs

Trending simple – Simple diamond rings   

Navrathan also presents diamond rings that are simple yet elegant enough for you to carry with all your ensembles. It suits best with traditional looks as well as your favourite non-traditional looks. These finger rings are unique and represent you, and therefore are carefully made for you.

Trending Diamond Engagement ring - Trendiang Diamond Jewellery Designs

Blessed and Beautiful – Temple jewellery in the latest diamond jewellery   

Temple jewellery is characterized as jewellery that draws influence from deities, temple tops, and religious figurines in its most basic form. Jewellers’ most popular motifs are Goddess Lakshmi and other female deities. Along with the evergreen diamonds, temple jewellery has become a top choice for wedding jewellery. Temple jewellery will draw out all the attention to the bride. A piece like the above will set you aside from the crowd.

Temple Diamond and Gold Ring - Temple Diamond Jewellery Designs

Together we are one – Diamond couple rings   

Even though love is a universal emotion, no two relationships are alike. So, when it comes to expressing your love for that special someone, consider something as unique as your relationship. Couple rings are one way to accomplish this. Navrathan has a huge range of couple rings as unique as each one of your relationships.

Beautiful Gold And Diamond Couple Rings - Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs for Gift and wedding

One-piece and a million looks – Diamond Pendants   

Pendants are getting a makeover from all sides, thanks to the modern jewellery trend. Costume pendant sets come in a variety of styles, from antique to vintage. Needless to say, a little pendant can drastically alter your daily look. To step out in style, you must grasp this piece of elegance. Step up your game with the most beautiful and gorgeous Navrathan Diamond pendants.

Latest and Trendy Diamond Pendants Designs - Star Pendant - Diamond Pendant

Distinct and Dignity in each piece – Diamond Necklaces with pieces from uncut diamond jewellery designs   

A girl’s best friend is a diamond. The extraordinary brilliance of a diamond, unlike other coloured stones and crystals, makes it unique and a must-have for the ladies! Diamond necklaces are different depending on the occasion, design, colour, etc. Let’s look at some of the bests from the Navarthan collection.

Diamond and gold, the oldest and the most elegant page from the jewellery book  

Diamond and gold together are the best combination of all time. Every jewellery artisan, every jewellery designer carefully picks these pieces and turns them into extraordinary art pieces that every woman craves to own. At Navrathan, too, these pieces are precious and elegant. Check out the outstanding collection to find just what you are looking for.

Gold and diamond necklace set designs - Uncut Diamond Jewellery Designs

A little bit of green and red sparkle  

Diamond necklace with coloured stone is a recent trend that has been taking the market by storm. Adding a little extra shade into the beauty of diamond jewellery adds extra grace to your looks. This will always be the best way to full off monotones on any possible occasion.

BEAUTIFUL SHOPHISTICATED DIAMOND NECKLACE - Latest Diamond Necklace Designs - Diamond Choker Designs

As pure as your soul – Pearls and Diamonds   

The greatest symbol of wisdom is the pearl. Pearls are prized for their calming properties, as well as their ability to build important relationships and communicate a sense of security. Purity, as well as integrity and loyalty, are all symbols associated with pearls. A piece born with the combination of pearls qualities and the sparkles of diamonds is a piece you wouldn’t want to miss out on. A piece like this will perfectly go with your evening party looks as well as wedding ceremonies like Mehandi and Haldi.

Diamond And Pearl Necklace Set Designs - Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs

An element to love – Diamond Earrings  

Most women understand that no ensemble is truly complete without earrings. Whether you prefer dangles, hoops, or studs, the jewellery you pick to adorn your ears can reveal a lot about your personality as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. Let us look at some of the diamond earrings that are available at Navrathan.

Dangled and tangled in Fashion – Long Diamond Earrings   

One of the most unique and flawless diamond earring pieces that are a part of the Navrathan collection. These pieces are a perfect mixture of modern designs and traditional pieces coming together. A long and classic piece that will suit all extreme looks, it suits your typical traditional wedding or festive look as well as modern looks. A perfect [piece to bring together your look.

Drop Earrings - Long Earrings - Latest Diamond Earrings Designs

Stop and stud it – Stud Diamond earrings   

A diamond is not only beautiful to look at, but it also has several health benefits for the person who wears it. Diamonds have vibrations that can assist mend digestive organs, liver, asthma, urinary tract, throat, jaw, lips, and skin-related components. So wearing diamonds on a daily basis is very good, and these stud earrings are the best way to go. Explore the wide range of options and pick the perfect stud that will suit your vibe.

Studded Diamond Earrings Designs - Star Earrings - Latest and Trendy Earrings Designs

Charming Peacock Diamond Daab   

Daab is an absolute must-have piece of bridal jewellery and a lovely one at that! This piece of jewellery, which is commonly worn by a South Indian bride as an extra adornment, can be worn on a lehenga or a saree. It is every women’s favourite part.

Peacock Diamond Daab - South Indian Diamond Jewellery Designs - South Inidian Bridal Jewellery Designs

The jingling of bridal hands – Diamond bangles and bracelets   

Bangles are an important feature of Indian traditional jewellery. It is extremely popular among Indian females. They are commonly worn as a symbol of matrimony after marriage. Diamond bangles are the perfect sparkles to go. Bracelets are the secret of every great look. They also make some of the best presents.

Latest Ruby and Diamond Bangles Designs - Latest Ruby and Diamond Bracelets Designs


Diamonds are the strongest gemstones. They are also stones that symbolize love and celebrate bonds. They are the perfect way to make investments this season. Rush to your closest Navrathan store and grab onto your favourite gemstones. Buy best diamond jewellery from the best diamond jewellers.

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