Gorgeous Bridal Gold Collection Necklace for a Modern Bride-To-Be!

A wedding is a sacred and wonderful affair where two souls get along with each other for the rest of their lives. The bride is the main person focused on the occasion. While picking up stuff and planning everything in advance is very essential for a bride, her selection of the bridal jewellery collection plays a vital role in the process.  

Being the modish bride of the present generation, whose choice of style is disparate from the parents, you’ve got to abide by religious style while picking up bridal jewellery designs for your special day and which is also in sync with the current trends.

Are you still wondering about the choice of bridal jewellery designs for your wedding?

Well don’t worry, you are at the right destination! You will get plenty of ideas to choose the premium jewellery for your special day at the end of this blog.

Importance of Bridal Jewellery-  

Though the trend of Bridal Jewellery has gone through various changes with regards to their styles and varieties depending on the differing taste and preferences of the jewellery lovers, it has retained its original roots of being rich in tradition and cultural heritage.

A bride’s beauty is always enhanced by the jewellery she wears on her wedding day. The selection and presentation of different types of jewels plays a vital role for a bride on her entire wedding event since it represents the cultural status and financial standards of her family, especially in India.

What are the best necklaces for brides?  

There are many types of necklaces available in the market possessing unique style, metal, design and shape. When it comes to bridal jewellery gold designs, let’s admit the fact, it is much more confusing to keep a track of all the names of various types of jewellery.

The best types of Indian necklace designs for brides are-

1. Rani Haar  

Long necklace has always been on top in the list of bridal gold jewellery designs. May it be single or multi-layered, it goes along with everything especially looks great when paired up with a choker or collar neck piece of jewellery.         

2. Choker  

Choker has risen in terms of popularity in the modern bride jewellery choice over a couple of years. For the ones who don’t like to wear long necklace, chokers are the best choice.

3. Navrathan  

A piece of jewellery that has a combination of nine precious stones diamond, ruby, blue and yellow sapphires, emerald, red coral, pearl, cat’s eye and hessonite is popularly known as a Navrathan Jewel.

4. Princess Necklace  

The length of the princess’s necklace is quite lengthier than the choker making its below part either the pendant or the focal piece rest right below the collar bone.

5. Bib Necklace    

As the name indicates, these types of necklace style were derived from a baby’s bib. They are usually huge and lengthier in size and a must go-to option for the bride who wants to wear one heavy jewellery in place of two small ones.

These are the top 5 popular gold necklace design types, what are your favorite bridal jewellery styles?

Here are the best 6 Bridal Gold Necklace Design options available at Navrathan Jewellers-   

      1. Premium piece for perfect occasion  

This stunning gold haar with the perfect blend of precious elements i.e. pearls and rubies makes it a premium piece of jewellery to wear it on your special day with any traditional and semi-traditional attire of own choice.

      2. Glorious gold collection  

In the emerging world of jewellery, whichever material may come and go but “Gold” will never go out of the list as the saying goes “Old is Gold”. Women’s jewellery choice for any occasion will definitely have a piece of gold added to it.

     3. Celebration with colorful stones  

Celebrate your ceremony with a piece of gold jewellery that has a combination of precious stones. An extraordinary gold necklace designed with nine precious stones diamond, ruby, blue and yellow sapphires, emerald, red coral, pearl, cat’s eye and hessonite is exclusively available at Navrathan Jewellers.

4. Stylish sparkling golden style  

There’s a myth that bridal jewellery must be heavy, rich and made of pure gold metal, let’s break that rule now! For the ones who are not great fan of rich and heavy gold jewellery, the varieties of simple yet classy sparkling gold collection of jewellery options are available here at Navrathan’s.

  5. Dazzling designer wears  

The delightful designer gold jewellery set containing a simple yet elegant choker and a pair of dazzling earrings with bean dropping design can embrace the beauty of any dashing modish bride, making the people look at her go wow!

      6. Traditional Gold Temple Jewellery  

Designs hand crafted for each piece of golden temple jewellery shows our roots and resembles nature and tradition. From ancient times, bridal jewellery designs in gold are designed with the temple inspiration and has been a traditional trend. Wearing such golden temple beauty around your neck goes with all your alluring attires.

Simple tips for Bride on selecting jewellery for your marriage:  

  1. Necklace matching the neckline.
  2. Buy trendy, emerging and latest Indian necklace designs.
  3. Avoid the choice of wearing too many color filled jewellery designs.
  4. Check the metal suitable for your skin tone, don’t opt too many metals together.
  5. Make use of ancestors jewellery to give a classy touch for latest bridal jewellery designs, especially your mom’s!
  6. Match your jewellery according to your attire and hairstyle or vice-versa.
  7. Make sure about the size of maang tikka’s, nose ring and bridal earring designs.
  8. Try buying the jewels containing similar kind of precious stones.


Any piece of golden jewellery chosen especially for the bridal collection adds a graceful look to the bride and makes her look entirely stunning on her special day. The beautiful craftsmanship and art by our designers makes each piece of gold jewellery a perfect choice for any grand event like a wedding.

Discover the most stylish and elegant bridal gold necklace collection from Navrathan Jewellers.

Now tell us, which jewelry are you planning to wear at wedding this season?

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