Karnataka Wedding Jewellery - Kannadiga Bride

Kannadiga weddings are mostly simple and subtle with number of traditional rituals and customs majorly they involve prayers and poojas.

When it comes to her jewellery? The wedding attire of a Kannadiga bride is highly ornamental. 9 yards of elegant Naavari saree is worn during the ceremony. The green bangles on both mehandi-laden hands of the bride gives her a glow on her special day.

The Kannadiga bride revels in her love for gold antique and temple jewellery. From heavy bangles to an array of layered necklaces, this bride is drawn to complex designs that reflect her rich culture.

Here’s a list of the must-have pieces in her wedding bridal jewellery set:

Baithale Bottu  

The Baithale Bottu (maang tikka) is a piece of jewellery worn by typical Indian women on their forehead. It not only highlights the crown of the bride, but is also meant to give her the power and will to succeed in her married life.


Haram is a long mala worn by a Kannadiga bride around her neck, which enhances her neck by giving a elegant look. Harams come in long and thick chains which are mostly worn by all the brides of Karnataka on their wedding day.


Bale (Bangles) signify prosperity and luck and carry the hopes of a loving relationship. Bangles are yet another staple jewels in a Kannadiga bride’s wedding day look and her trousseau. Apart from being traditionally significant, bangles relish a special place in our hearts for the instant charm they add to a bride’s mehendi-laden hands. 


The Daabu or waistband is the Kannadiga bride’s symbol of martial bliss, wealth and the shield that protects her from negative influences. Waist bands are not only an important adornment for an Indian bride, but they also play a crucial role in making the bride look more beautiful and elegant.

Tholu Bandhi  

Turn to mythological symbols when selecting a tholu bandhi (armlet) to show the innate style of a Kannadiga bride and to respect their custom. Why neglect the upper arm when it comes to bridal dressing kannada style? You can even consider and choose simpler designs, like a minimal-yet-striking hath pool etc.


Jhumkis are a kind of earrings for bride that usually have the shape of an inverted bell. An ear embellishment usually available in short, long, and medium patterns. It adds a charm to her face by highlighting in bright shiny reflection.

Mavinakayi Addigai

Mavinakayi (Mangoes) are not just meant to eat and feel the taste, they are also equally sumptuous as a neck piece for a Kannadiga bride on her wedding day. Mavinakayi Addigai is a temple jewellery gold neck piece which being worn by the brides of Karnataka over decades now, it comes in mango shaped design hence named after its appearance.

Lakshmi Sara

A chain or a maala is referred to as Sara in Kannada. Lakshmi Sara is usually an antique gold jewellery piece made of gold with Goddess Lakshmi engraved on it. This neck piece comes in long, short and medium length. It is a must-worn bride to be necklace by a Kannadiga bride on her wedding day.


This piece of hair jewellery is crafted out of three black strings which keep the headgear of a bride in place. The Jadaenaagara is a jewellery for hair including the “Suryamukhi”, “Chandramukhi” and the “Kutchu” ornamented with gold.


Mooguthi (Nose ring) signifies the onset of a new journey in a woman’s life…a sacred union. The Nath is also believed to add to her overall vitality. Unlike the north brides, the southern brides especially Kannadiga bride opt for a simple and beautiful nose ring.


Wedding jewellery for brides resembles and represent their culture and heritage. Each culture has different traditions and customs to follow on their wedding day. Hope this blog helped you in understanding few best bridal jewellery pieces of a Kannadiga bride.

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