Wearing Gold & Silver Jewelery Together-Time to bust the Myth

Despite the trend, if you are a true jewellery lover, you will absolutely agree with the fact that why can’t gold and silver jewellery be worn together?

It is definitely not a mandatory rule to follow the same all the time.

Its absolutely personal choice to wear whatever jewellery you think would go with your respective attires.

Gold Jewellery

From the ancient period, Gold was popular for its natural beauty and radiance. Yellow gold jewellery is the classic of all times wherein mixing with other metals resulting in white, black and rose gold are presently in trend.

The inclusion of white metals such as silver or palladium creates the white gold. Rose gold is created through alloying pure gold with copper while the major unusual colors such as blue and purple are obtained by adding different oxides on the alloy’s surface.

The rarest black gold derives its color from cobalt oxide.

Silver Jewellery

With the bright white shine, Silver jewellery has found its permanent place in the newly trending jewellery. Silver is being used in the production of varieties of jewellery pieces like necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and so on.

Along with growing demand for silver jewellery in the fashion market, the designers are coming up with unique, modern and trendy designs to grab some more jewellery lovers attention towards it.

Gold VS Silver

It’s all time confusion when it comes to the choice of gold or silver.

The basic style rules say based on the skin color – all the warmer colors are gold metal and cooler colors are silver metal. And the oldest rule is never to wear gold and silver together.

However, let’s break the rules now!

Style rules are just a set of fashion guidelines after all, the ultimate choice of wearing jewellery is in the hands of the wearer.

Myth and Reality: Do silver and gold go together?

Wearing gold and silver jewellery together was considered as a bad sign and bad taste from an ancient generation. But regardless of the myth, today according to the famous fashion stylists round the corner accept this as a style and fashion statement. The major thing is to make your jewellery pieces go along with all your other wearable to make your style look similar.

Wearing gold and silver jewellery together

Unlike the thought of wearing both gold and silver together you will eventually understand the complication as and when you try to mix and match your jewellery pieces with different attires.

The main strategy of wearing gold and silver jewellery together is that it shouldn’t look odd and make your complete outfit weird.

It completely depends on the different types of jewellery piece you choose for an outfit. When your outfit is causal, keep the jewellery simple while in case of festive make it elegant then your wedding choice grand and so on.

Depending upon the occasion and the choice of your outfit.

How to wear gold and silver jewellery together?

Thinking about wearing gold and silver jewellery together isn’t a big deal, the main problem arrives when you have to set up your jewellery pieces with your attire practically.

Here are some best ways to wear gold and silver together-


Layering different metals of jewellery pieces while planning to wear the mix and match pattern is the easiest and relevant way to do so.

Try wearing necklaces, bracelets and chains as 2-3 layers depending upon the choice of your attires.

2.Suitable Shades

Not everybody’s skin shade is same to wear similar shades of jewellery. Opt the suitable shade of jewellery which matches your skin shade. Matching up your necklace, bracelet and ring with a similar jewellery color can be more suitable resulting in a classy look.

3.Similar style

Choose the similar styles of jewellery pieces which goes along the style of your outfit. If your attire is casual, your choice of jewellery should also be casual and when it is for an occasion, choose a little heavier and brighter jewellery collection to wear it along, as simple as that.

4.Particular parts

Be accurate about the different parts of the body you choose to wear the jewellery pieces upon. There’s no any specifications to wear all your jewellery at one shot. Depending upon the style of attire and the appearance space, select and wear your favorite jewellery pieces.

5.Randomize the pattern

Try avoiding stacking your jewellery pieces in a gold, silver, gold pattern or silver, gold, silver pattern. Choose to mix up the pattern as 2 gold and 1 silver or vice versa so it doesn’t look like strips.

Tips on wearing gold and silver jewelry

  1. Wear at least one combined piece of jewellery.
  2. Feel free to ignore your permanent jewellery.
  3. Layer up bracelets, chains, necklaces and rings in different metals.
  4. Keep the similar style of jewellery pieces choice.
  5. Repeat the color of metals at least once.
  6. Combine the shades of gold and silver tones.
  7. Avoid wearing other jewellery pieces that make you look weighed down.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you follow all the fashion rules strictly or not, they are just guidelines. Always try wearing the suitable jewellery pieces you think that look the best on you!

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